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10 Best Journey Songs

Journey is widely regarded as the band that best defines AOR. journey songs’ discography sparkles with unforgettable anthems that not only feature massive choruses, but also the kind of musicianship you’d expect from a band that started out as jazz rock instrumentalists before embracing the melodic rock style for which they’re known. We went through the band’s catalog and hand-picked their ten best moments.

Here Are Top 10 Journey Songs Below:

10. Girl Can’t Help It (1986)

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After leaving the band to work on his solo album Street Talk, vocalist Steve Perry was persuaded to return for 1986’s Raised On Radio album. While the production reflects the times, Perry’s vocals shine as brightly as ever, and Jonathan Cain’s smooth keyboards complement Neal Schon’s edgy guitar stride. We put this on 10 among all Journey Songs.

9. Faithfully (1983)

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This is how Journey described the difficulties of maintaining a relationship while on the road touring. Faithfully, one of the standout tracks from 1983’s Frontiers, has a soft lilt that reveals an emptiness. However, the lush rhythm and the way Steve Perry croons his way through enhance this without ever wallowing in over emotional hyperbole. In the best Journey tradition, this is a power ballad. We put this on among all Journey Songs.

8. Lovin, Touchin’, Squeezin’ (1979)

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Anyone who believes Journey is only capable of slushy ballads should listen to Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ from 1979’s Evolution album. It has a funk groove, and while the tempo is mostly balladic, Neal Schon injects some electrifying moments. Furthermore, Steve Perry’s vocals soar to ensure maximum dramatic impact. One of Evolution’s highlights. We put this on among all Journey Songs.

7. Lights (1978)

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The opening track from 1978’s Infinity album, which introduced Steve Perry to the world while also showcasing the band’s newly discovered melodic style for the first time. It’s easy to see why Journey was so popular on American radio at the time. The music is commercially astute, the harmonies are sublime, and the overall tone of Lights is evocative and stylish. This exudes the kind of sophistication that will become the norm for Journey in the coming years. We put this on among all Journey Songs.

6. Who’s Cryin’ Now (1981)

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Jonathan Cain’s unvarnished piano piece serves as the foundation for Steve Perry’s rich tone on Who’s Cryin’ Now. And Ross Vallory adds some tasteful bass lines to round out the overall feel of the song. This is the type of song that emphasises Perry’s love for great soul singers, while also demonstrating how Journey distinguished itself from all the massively successful AOR masters, and why Escape is regarded as the classic Journey album. We put this on among all Journey Songs.

5. Stone In Love (1981)

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The fact that this song begins with shards of Neal Schon’s guitar riffing demonstrates that Journey were always willing to give full weight to their heavier side. And Steve Perry comes across as far more powerful than you might expect. Journey never loses sight of the melody in this song, but they also let loose with a rocky vibe. It also emphasises that Escape was never just a collection of power ballads. We put this on among all Journey Songs.

4. Any Way You Want It (1980)

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This song was inspired by Thin Lizzy, with whom Journey had toured for a few years prior to recording the Departure album in 1980. However, when you dig deeper and examine how the vocals are constructed, as well as the interplay between the instruments, the influence becomes much clearer. The guitar parts have a gliding feel that reminds me of Thin Lizzy, and Steve Perry’s storytelling style is similar to Phil Lynott’s – and the overall vibe fits Journey perfectly. We put this on among all Journey Songs.

3. Wheel In The Sky (1978)

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Robert Fleischman, the band’s original choice for vocalist when they went in a more commercial direction, co-wrote Wheel In The Sky. However, when Fleischman was unable to perform and was replaced by Steve Perry, the song was thankfully kept. It begins with a flashing guitar groove, which Perry cuts through with a vibrant performance. In some ways, this is a basic live performance from the band, bringing a heavier dynamic to bear, but it fit right into the overall feel of Infinity, and demonstrated Journey’s ability to pound with the best. We put this on among all Journey Songs.

2. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (1983)

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Following the huge success of the Escape album, how did the band decide to title their next album Frontiers? With a powerful rocker that fit right into an era when AOR was becoming less reliant on studio technology and celebrated talent. The rich production is obvious, but what makes the song work so well is the way Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry, and Neal Schon intertwine. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) has a buoyancy to it that tells of a band that is really playing off of each other’s strengths. The end result is undeniably emotional. We put this on among all Journey Songs.

1. Don’t Stop Believin’ (1981)

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Is there anyone alive who hasn’t heard this song? It has to be one of the most publicised tracks in the last two decades or so. Because it’s so well-known, it’s easy to lose sight of why it’s so popular. Because Don’t Stop Believin’ is an unrivalled work of musical genius. Everything about it is flawless – the musicality, the vocals, the simple structure, the insistent melody… hell, this isn’t just Journey’s best song; it’s one of the truly iconic moments of the 1980s. We put this on among all Journey Songs.

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