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Hey Visitor, Welcome to Oasis Guitar. This is your number one source for Guitar and Accessories related reviews, news, guides and so much more.

Our Aim

Here at Oasis Guitar, You will find the most in-depth, professionally written latest news, guides, and honest reviews of all kinds of guitar and related accessories. This site is to help people steer away from junk guitars or guitar-related accessories at any price range (there’s much over-priced, low-quality stuff out there – as well as a lot of bargain gems out there). Once you understand how a guitar luthier makes a quality guitar, and how the different woods and craftsmanship affect the tone qualities, subtleties, and playability, you will be far more confident in purchasing by simply reading reviews with proper facts rather than taking someone else’s word for it.

How do we review guitars and gears?

You may have noticed that Oasis Guitar is filled with reviews. There are reviews for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, amplifiers, keyboards, recording gear and far more.

Some people may wonder how we manage to review most equipment – and where we keep it all! However, thanks to the ever-changing nature of the guitar market, including the very fact that we don’t have an enormous warehouse during which to store our equipment, the bulk of our reviews aren’t ‘hands-on’.

Here at Oasis Guitar, we research the guitars and equipment we write on very carefully. We supplement our research with information taken from many user-generated reviews, furthermore as our own judgment and skill, to deliver a review that sufficiently sums up the gear in question.

Obviously, most of our reviews are hands-on – collectively we own lots of apparatus and test out new stuff whenever possible.

How do we rate them?

Each guitar is given a rating supported the price range it’s in. Let’s suppose we have two guitars next to each other, the first one costs under 200$ and another one costs around 1500$. Which one is better?

Obviously, you’ll say 1500$ one. But here is a thing. The guitar with 200$ has a rating of 4.9 whereas this 1500$ guitar has a rating of 4.3. Now, this rating depends on multiple factors such as Tone Wood, Hardware, Internal Wiring and Components, Harmonics or Tone. If something is costlier then it doesn’t mean it will be better than something which costs lesser than it.

However, this 200$ guitar with 4.9 ratings will be compared to other guitars in its price category. The 1500$ one with ratings of 4.3 will be compared within the context of the expensive and high-end guitars market.

What’s the purpose of our reviews?

To give our readers the ability to create an informed decision, while saving their precious time. The reality is that there are so many reviews out there – reviews from magazines and websites, videos and different user reviews which might be overwhelming for you.

Our aim is to make this overwhelming information easier for our readers based on public ratings and in-depth research as well as expert views. The end result is a brief and better review that may help you come to your final decision.

Why some of our articles and reviews might not be up to our reader’s mark or taste?

Here at Oasis Guitar, we try to provide unbiased and honest reviews, unaffected by any brand trying to sponsor us to provide biased reviews. We are suggesting the best and valuable products, but some of our readers will not find our reviews up to their taste because it depends on their preferences and brand aspirations. Since many of them will find their favorite brand valuable and best, in such case they will not find our reviews up to their mark.

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Whether products or services, the goal of our recommendations are to supply the most effective information on guitar gear, apps, and other resources that specifically help guitar players.

Please understand that this is often a for-profit business that directly supports us and our families.

By running the site, we’re trying our best to provide better quality, build out the location with better content, and focus more directly on what’s valuable to you as a reader.

We only promote products, apps, or services that we’ve got painstakingly researched or have an intimate knowledge of, and believe provide exceptional value to you. We also try and give the maximum amount supporting info as possible in terms of rankings, other reviewer’s feedback, and source.

Our Team

Oasis Guitar is a part of Technocrypt Pvt. Ltd., a group dedicated to providing the best service all over the internet. However, we are a small team of 4 members trying to provide all the honest and related reviews, news and updates for our enthusiastic guitar lovers. We truly hope that you will like our website and the honest and unbiased information we work so hard to provide. In the end, we request you to support us by making your purchase through our affiliate links embedded in buttons right below the product information you are interested in. We thank you once again for visiting our website. Have a great day!