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Maonocaster AU-AM200 Best Portable ALL-in-One Podcast Production Studio

Maonocaster AU-AM200
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The Maonocaster AU-AM200 ALL-in-One Podcast Production Studio is a complete audio mixer and broadcasting solution that makes podcast production a breeze. The lightweight, easy-to-use design features four channels of audio mixing, a lineout for connecting loudspeakers, and intuitive controls for both beginners and experienced podcasters. The portable studio also has a 5000-mah built-in battery, which lets you record your podcasts on the go. It has a USB Type-C connection for connecting to your computer, but you can also connect to your phone using a sound recorder app.

Features Of Maonocaster AU-AM200

Maonocaster AU-AM200

The Maonocaster AU-AM200 includes a professional sound card and a cardioid condenser microphone. The microphone features advanced engineering that allows you to control sound levels and add live sounds to your podcast. The Maonocaster AU-AM200 allows you to output up to three devices at once. Despite its low-price tag, it still offers an extensive list of features and benefits.

The Maonocaster AU-AM200 includes a powerful desktop microphone and a bundled USB-C cable. It also includes a jingle button, 3x TRRS and XLR audio cables, and a dry wipe board for recording. Maonocaster AU-AM200 is portable and designed for podcast production, so you can be up and running in minutes.

The Maonocaster AU-AM200 features six audio channels, including a preamp for a single mic. The mixer’s patented design uses advanced engineering to help you mix multiple sources, and provides a convenient way to connect to multiple devices. Its easy-to-use interface makes podcast production a breeze. In addition to the Maonocaster AU-AM200, it has an integrated microphone base and a USB-C cable.


Maonocaster AU-AM200

The Maonocast AU-AM200 is compact and features four channels of audio mixing. It has a USB-C cable, a programmable jingle button, and a built-in rechargeable battery. The AU-AM200 is ideal for podcasting. This mixer is easy to use and has great quality preamps. It can be used for podcasting or live streaming.

The Maonocaster Lite is a portable ALL-IN-ONE podcast production studio with an easy-to-use interface. It has a 210mm x 170mm size, and two XLR ports for recording. In addition to a microphone, the Maonocaster Lite supports phones. The Maonocaster Lite has a power button located on the backside. To prevent accidental shutdown, simply hold the power button for a long period of time.

Designed for podcasting, the Maonocaster Lite features a mixing desk with 6 preset buttons for vocal and sound FX. Its dual-channel microphones are ideal for mixing audio and video. The Maonocaster also comes with an AU-AM200-T twin mic for recording. Its built-in battery and programmable jingle buttons allow for simple, hands-free recording.

How to use?

The Maonocaster AU-AM200 is a versatile and compact mixer with a USB-C cable. Its four channels are capable of mixing audio. Its MIDI port allows for easy integration of other components. The mixer also features a microphone stand with two-microphones. A Maonocaster AU-AM200 comes with a charging cable.

The compact mixer is the perfect tool for podcasting. Its 4 channels provide the best quality audio for podcasting. The microphones also include an AU-AM200 USB-C cable. A Maonocaster AU-AM200 comes with an AU-C adapter for connecting to external USB devices. It can be powered by either USB or a rechargeable battery.

The Maonocaster Lite is equipped with four audio mixing channels. It can connect to smartphones and microphones. It features advanced engineering, which helps control the sound level and avoid laborious post-production. It can be connected to a smartphone and a laptop. Its powerful features and portability make it an excellent choice for podcasters. It can be pre-ordered for $200.

  • Easy to use
  • Plug n play
  • Sound quality is pretty good
  • Some users found it basic and entry level

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