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Full Size Beginner Acoustic Guitar Set with Case, Strap, Capo – 41in

Full Size Beginner Acoustic Guitar Set-Overview

The guitar for you if you’re a complete beginner is this one! There is nothing fancy at all about it. Prior to usage and after some use, it does require fine adjusting. It’s for you, whether you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an instrument your children or grandchildren might not use or if you’re a 35-year-old learning to play in your spare time.
This bundle comes with three guitar picks, each of which is inscribed with really amazing puns. Really handwritten in sharpie, is what I mean. For precise tuning, you might need to read the tuning guide and download Fender Tuning App.

Full Size Beginner Acoustic Guitar Set – Features

  • COMPLETE ALL-IN-ONE ADULT GUITAR KIT: No need to purchase any additional accessories, this all-encompassing set comes with a bring situation, extra strings, a band with a pick holder, a receiver, pick protect, cleaning cloth, capo, and pick set.
  • ULTIMATE BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE GUITAR: This full-size guitar is perfect for novices and experienced gamers alike, with a dreadnought form that creates an enjoyable, warm tone.
  • PROTECTIVE PADDED CASE: Take your guitar with you to institution or on journeys with a trendy and protective bring situation, designed with foam pads, a shock-proof rubber bottom, and even a front storage space for your capo and extra picks.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: This classic, acoustic guitar is designed with a 41in body for a comfy in shape, perfect for novices and experienced gamers alike.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: Elegant inlay provides a classic, acoustic appearance and the cutaway form allows you to get to greater on the fret to get to high notes; place the consisted of pickguard underneath the guitar sound hole to protect from pick scratches while having fun.


  • Overall Dimensions: 15.75″(L) x 4.25″(W) x 41″(H)
  • Weight: 6 lbs.

Full Size Beginner Acoustic Guitar SetSpecifications

BrandBest Choice Products
Body MaterialEngineered Wood
Neck Material TypeHardwood
String Material TypeNylon
Hand OrientationRight
Guitar Bridge SystemFixed
Number of Strings6
  • It actually is a pretty guitar, pleasing to the eye
  • Fret edges are pretty smooth and not just for this price range
  • Neck is straight as an arrow
  • Frets are smooth, wouldn’t say polished but not gritty
  • As the description shows, it comes with everything to get started
  • Sound wise, there are worse guitars out there. I play mostly solid wood name brand acoustics so to my ear it does sound bad but I know as a kid I would have been happy to have this guitar
  • Action is very high so for a beginner it could turn them off
  • The tuners are not the greatest but it does the job


Get this guitar if you know someone who can set one up for you who has played. If you had the time, you could make this sound and play like a non-solid top guitar costing between $120 and $200. This would also be useful if you wanted to practise setting up and upgrading guitars.

I would recommend buying it if you want a guitar to play around with, perform campfire tunes with open chords, and aren’t concerned if it gets too cold and you have to use it as bonfire wood.

Wait for a sale to purchase it if you only need the accessories and don’t need the instrument. The strings are difficult to press down, and the sound isn’t “excellent,” which together would lead a true beginner to believe that something is amiss with their playing if they tried it on their own. With some effort, it could make a decent guitar. One that requires less work is available if you have the money to pay a little bit extra. However, if this is the only one you can buy, it’s still a good “foundation.” Just be aware that some effort will be required to improve the playing.


41in Beginner Acoustic Guitar
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