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5 Best Electro-Acoustic Guitars

best electro-acoustic guitar
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Carrying out to a group? Tape-taping a fast track? Cannot be troubled fussing about with microphones? It is time to buy an electro-acoustic guitar!

Since the very early 1910s, gamers and brands have try out including electronic devices to their acoustic guitars, and have remained to improve and innovate these over the previous century or two. Nowadays, the range of electro-acoustic guitars is incredible. In fact, it can be a bit frustrating, also if you’re a skilled gamer.
This is why we have put together the following chart, that highlights 5 of the best electro-acoustic guitars on the marketplace, that offer both strong electronic devices and a great guitar having fun experience. The following 5 span a wide range of budget plans from affordable to premium, so there is something for everybody. Let’s obtain started…

Top 5 Electro-Acoustic Guitars:

Takamine EF341SC

Electro-Acoustic Guitars

New to this list is just one of our favorite electro-acoustic guitar models – the EF341SC, from the respected Japanese brand name Takamine. It is a premium model, with a strong cedar top, split maple body, beautiful neck and a costs shiny black finish.

The tone of this dreadnought is warm and rich when unplugged, and retains that all-natural volume when enhanced. This is thank you to the quality Palathetic under-saddle pick-up and Takamine-designed CT-4B II preamp system.

It is an extremely versatile system, offering 3-band EQ (bass, mid and treble), a quantity slider, and a practical onboard chromatic receiver. Great for phase entertainers. Check out more on this cool electro-acoustic in the complete review of the Takamine EF341SC.

Breedlove Solo Concert

Electro-Acoustic Guitars

The Solo Show is a remarkable yet non-traditional electro-acoustic guitar from the popular Oregon-based brand name Breedlove. Most significantly, the body of this show electro-acoustic guitar features a 2nd soundhole in the side of the guitar, enabling the guitar player to listen to exactly what the target market is listening to.

The design of the Korean-built Solo Show is very elegant, while the American configuration means it’s perfect to play from package. Which is exactly what you will want to do with this beauty – it is great fun and sounds incredible.

In the complete review of the Solo Show, we discuss the electronic devices. Undoubtedly, the manages are not one of the most flexible, but – with an LR Baggs system and USA-made quartz piezo pick-up – it is pretty solid!

Martin Road Series DRS1

Electro-Acoustic Guitars

The DRS1 is an all strong timber electro-acoustic guitar from the fine people at Martin. The top, back, and sides, are all sapele, which is an extremely lasting tonewood that’s comparable in look and sound to mahogany.

The Fishman Sonitone system is used for the electronic devices, which features controls hidden in the soundhole of the guitar. This means no hole needs to be cut into the side of the tool for the preamp manages.

Maintaining with the woodland pleasant theme the fingerboard and bridge are both made from certified richlite. The Martin DRS1 is available in a left-hand model, and comes with a layer hardshell situation. This is a really beautiful guitar with a great voice.

Takamine GN93CE-NAT

Electro-Acoustic Guitars

The GN93CE-NAT by Takamine features their NEX body, which is a reduced jumbo. It sporting activities beautiful features like abalone populate inlays, a rosewood headcap, gold die-cast receivers, and a gloss finish to display the timber grain.

It has a strong spruce top with laminate rosewood back and sides. The real star of this electro-acoustic guitar is Takamine’s own TK-400 preamp that consists of an integrated receiver.

There are great deals of manages to form and contour your enhanced sound with a 3 band EQ, grain handle, mid shape switch, scratch filter, and EQ bypass. This is a great sounding guitar whether you connect it in or otherwise.

Fender California Newporter Classic

Electro-Acoustic Guitars

We reach the Newporter Classic, which is a stunning guitar from Fender’s distinctive California Collection. The design and detailing of this mid-sized electro-acoustic guitar are simply incredible – in fact, we gave it top marks in this area in our in-depth take a look at the Newporter Classic.

With an all-solid-wood body (the classic pairing of spruce and mahogany), it features a beautiful Cosmic Blue-green paintjob with a coordinating Strat-style headstock, in addition to beautiful koa binding and soundhole rosette.

When it comes to connecting this baby in, the pick-up and preamp comes through Fishman custom-voiced electronic devices. The manages aren’t one of the most flexible, but it’s all dependable and sounds great. The integrated receiver is one more great enhancement.

Do I Need an Electro-Acoustic Guitar?

The answer here should be pretty straightforward. Do you want to amplify or record the sound of your acoustic guitar without using a microphone? If so, after that yes – you need an electro-acoustic guitar!

An acoustic guitar without electronic devices depends entirely on the resonance of the body to project the sound. The addition of a pick-up and preamp system allows you to use an amplifier to project the all-natural sound of the guitar or connected into a great sound user interface to record, while also allowing you to include impacts such as reverb, delay and chorus.

If this is your very first time looking for an electro-acoustic guitar, you will find that essentially these guitars are standard acoustics with electronic devices added to them. This means that, also if you never ever connect it in, you still have a completely functional acoustic guitar that can be played unplugged.

Eventually, there’s no harm in buying an electro-acoustic guitar. You will have the exact same unplugged sound, but with the included bonus of having the ability to connect it in should you wish. However, as guitar manufacturers need to consider the costs of including pick-ups and preamps, electro-acoustics are normally more expensive to buy. If you know that you will never connect your guitar in – and a variation without electronic devices is available – after that go for that one rather.


As you have seen from our graph over, the range of electro-acoustics on offer in 2019 is simply great. Whatever your budget, and whether you are a skilled phase entertainer or simply beginning your trip with electro-acoustics, we hope our list has given you a bit inspiration.

Simply take the factors to consider into account, do some looking around, read some reviews, and you should eventually have the ability to choose an electro-acoustic that works for you. Best of luck!

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