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5 Best Electric Guitars for the Money

The best electric guitar isn’t one that just sounds good (however you may define good as) — it’s how it feels in your hands. We remember when we could barely start forming memories, going to our dad’s shows and him using his telecaster on stage. He had been playing since he was 5 years old (which we actually used his opinion for in this guide as well) and continues to play today 50 years later.

As we grew up and learned guitar ourselves, it was more about what was comfortable and felt as natural as possible. Paired up with the sound and feel, there are a few more factors to take into consideration when you’re looking for the best electric guitar.

Absolutely the best electric guitar for beginners is an acoustic guitar. It’s the most comfortable to play, and the best guitar for a beginner. It’s also easy to learn on and is the most affordable. When it comes to guitars, there are many different types. So, let’s take a look at some of the best electric guitars.

What is an electric guitar?

If you’re looking for the best electric guitar, then you’ve come to the right place. An electric guitar is an electric guitar with a built-in amplifier, which is why it’s also known as a “solid-body” guitar. They are usually built with a body that’s made out of wood, usually spruce or maple. They are the most common electric guitar, but there are many different types of electric guitars, so let’s take a look at the best electric guitars.

Best electric guitar list

Fender Squier Stratocaster

This is one more among one of the best electric guitars ever. In regards to develop, the body is a blend of ash and alder, producing a well balanced tone for both the intensity of the top range chords and the thick vibration of the lower range developments.

The modern bridge has an update of utilizing a obstruct instilled with copper and steel saddles for solid intonation and an ease in changing pitch. The receivers are put at differing levels and heights, with this staggered design producing a reduced in echo and excess hum so as to focus know the clearness of the sound.

This electric guitar also has a customized designed single-coil strat known as the “Fat ‘50s”, which is intended to produce a fuller sound compared with various other guitars. With a comfy ‘C’ shaped design and durable finish, this 22 fret guitar offers desirable features for the guitar lover.

Proceeding to take a look at the widely known Fender brand name, the Stratocaster American Standard is a higher-priced option with necessary features for the experienced guitar player. If you are uncertain whether to grab this or our previous Fender pick, read this Telecaster vs. Stratocaster sound article for some more information.


Top Material TypeMaple, Poplar
Body MaterialPoplar
Back Material TypePoplar
Neck Material TypeMaple
Fretboard Material TypeLaurel
Guitar Pickup ConfigurationS-S-S
Guitar Bridge SystemVintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo
Scale Length25.5 Inches


  • The Stratocaster is ideal for beginning players and provides a comfortable playing feel
  • Vintage-style tremolo bridge for classic pitch effects
  • Three single-coil pickups for classic Strat tone
  • Squier Frontman 10G amplifier included
  • Free 3-month subscription to Fender Play
  • Hugely playable
  • Impeccable set of tones
  • Plays well with dirt
  • Tuners are a bit stiff

Epiphone Les Paul Special II

The 650R humbucker pick-ups of this one of the best electric guitar combined with the open up coil design deliver strong and sustained tones. As seen on all Epiphone guitars, the Unique II has more than 500K potentiometer for both tone and volume, and a toggle selector with a 3-way pick-up to focus know the clearness of the sound and decreased extra humming.

The body and neck are made with mahogany, while the fretboard has dot inlays within the rosewood design. String changing is also made easier because of the stopbar tailpiece, which helps to include more sustain in sound when combined with the LockTone Tune-O-Matic connect.

Providing all the necessary features expected in a high quality electric guitar at an affordable price, the Epiphone Les Paul Unique II is perfect for those simply beginning their music trip or the experienced guitar player looking for an daily guitar for practice.


ColorHeritage Cherry Sunburst
Top Material TypeOkoume
Body MaterialOkoume
Back Material TypeOkoume
Neck Material TypeOkoume Wood
Fretboard Material TypeRosewood
Guitar Pickup ConfigurationH
Hand OrientationRight
Guitar Bridge SystemTune-O-Matic


  • Okoume Body and Neck
  • Epiphone 650R & 700T Humbuckers
  • 1960s SlimTaper D Profile Neck
  • Mahogany, consistent with Gibson Les Pauls
  • Very affordable (around $200)
  • Classic tone of 24.75” scale length guitars
  • Sounds great with some distortion
  • Cheap tuners
  • Pickups could be better

Fender Player Telecaster Electric Guitar

Third best electric guitar in our list is Fender Telecaster, a top quality and one of the best electric guitar for the artist out there who is looking to improve their amateur condition to accomplished guitarist.

With the clear tone and quality range that the Fender brand name is known to famously provide, the Telecaster is equipped with protected body tooth dental caries meant to limit reverberation and focus know the individual notes. The double single-coil pick-ups permit the artist to range sharp tones and strong treble, providing a unique sound to in shape various genres of rate of passion.

The level surface of the of the fingerboard makes it easy to switch in between keeps in mind and chords, while the alder timber used for the body of the guitar provides and even and bright sound.

With a ‘C’ shaped design meant for convenience for lengthy wear use, the Fender Telecaster is just one of the very best electric guitars for the cash. The sound? Very classic, attacking, and clear. You will need to listen to on your own in this Telecaster video clip, since we cannot truly find adjectives to really depict this beauty.


ColorButterscotch Blonde
Top Material TypeMaple
Body MaterialAlder
Back Material TypeAlder Wood
Neck Material TypeMaple
Fretboard Material TypeMaple
Guitar Pickup ConfigurationS
String Material TypeSteel
Hand OrientationRight


  • Alder Body with gloss finish
  • Two player Series single-coil Telecaster pickups
  • Modern C”-Shaped neck profile
  • 9. 5″-Radius Fingerboard
  • String-through-body Bridge with block saddles
  • guitar bridge system: Hardtail Bridge
  • guitar pickup configuration: Single Coil
  • string material type: Steel
  • Smooth feeling
  • Really high-quality for the value of the guitar
  • Easy to tune and stays in tune
  • Has a stylist class look
  • Having a five-way switch added on would be super nice

Gretsch Guitars G5422T Electromatic Double Cutaway Hollowbody Electric Guitar 

Designed with wider frame and a hollow body, this guitar uses “Black Top” Filter’Tron pick-ups to deliver a vibrant sound that’s both bright and focused in its tone. The toggle has three settings that allows the user to personalize the balance of the tone, and all strings on the guitar have the ability to deliver strong intonation because of the Adjusto-Matic connect. Gretsch always make one of the best electric guitar and this is also one of them.

The vibrato tailpiece includes vibration and depth to the sound quality, and by utilizing maple for the body frame there’s a clearness provided within the tone that’s unique to that design. With a 3 position pickup, open-back receivers, and a rosewood fingerboard, this vintage design guitar provides a top quality option for artists alike.

Here is a great G5422TDC video clip for some examples of that warm hollow-body sound. If you are looking for a unique sound that provides an overemphasized twang, compared to the Gretsch G5422TDC Electromatic is the very best electric guitar to offer these features.


BrandGretsch Guitars
Top Material TypeMaple
Body MaterialRosewood
Back Material TypeMaple Wood
Neck Material TypeMaple
Fretboard Material TypeRosewood
Guitar Pickup ConfigurationH
Hand OrientationRight
Scale Length24.6 Inches


  • Body Body shape: Double cutaway Body type: Hollow body Body material: Laminated Top wood: Maple Body wood: Maple Body finish: Gloss Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: U Neck wood: Maple Joint: Set-in Scale length: 24.6″ Truss rod: Standard Neck finish: Gloss Fretboard Material: Rosewood Radius: 12″ Fret size: Medium jumbo Number of frets: 22 Inlays: Thumbnail <br
  • No nonsense, Electromatic hollowbody guitars are the perfect real, pure and powerful Gretsch instruments
  • They’re your next-step Gretsch—bold, dynamic and articulate, and crafted with essential Gretsch sound, style and playability
  • Sleek yet aggressive, the G5422T has a thinner, fully hollow build with a true Filter’Tron voice that captures the resonant hollow-body sound with a more present and chiming voice
  • Like all Electromatic guitars, it delivers the fearless and electrifying authenticity that has set Gretsch apart as the quintessential rock ‘n’ roll guitars from the very beginning
  • Affordable pricing
  • Incredible tuning and tuning hold
  • Smaller for big hands

Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster SSS

A simple design and an inexpensive price make the Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster SSS best electric guitar for those who are simply beginning their foray into the music world. Here is a huge drop in price and mentioned midway in our list simply in situation you wanted to find an affordable and cheap electric guitar to begin with.

With a basswood finish and a ‘C’ form design, this electric guitar is light-weight and comfortable, production it ideal when simply beginning to learn basic chord developments and needing lengthy time periods to practice.

The twenty-one frets that are consisted of come in a medium-jumbo dimension, production it easier to learn the fundamentals of strumming and moving from chord to chord. The string pick-up is just a solitary coil, which provides a sufficient sound and balanced tone when utilizing the 5-position pick-up blade.

With 3 various color options to choose from (Sweet Apple Red, Sea-foam Green, and Lake Placid Blue) the Squier Bullet is just one of the very best electric guitars for those who are looking to begin their music trip in style.


ColorDakota Red
Top Material TypePoplar
Body MaterialPoplar
Back Material TypePoplar
Neck Material TypeLaurel
Fretboard Material TypeMaple
Guitar Pickup ConfigurationS-S-S
Hand OrientationRight
Guitar Bridge System6-Saddle Strings-Through-Body Hardtail


  • Maple neck with “C”-shaped profile, and Indian Laurel fingerboard
  • Three single-coil Stratocaster pickups with five-way switching
  • Vintage-inspired 6-saddle hardtail bridge
  • 21 medium jumbo frets
  • Bundle includes Gig Bag, Clip-on Tuner, Strap, Strings, Picks, and Austin Bazaar Instruction DVD
  • Super affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Maple and rosewood neck and fingerboard
  • Classic single-coil pickups
  • Less attention to detail in manufacturing
  • Cheaper hardware

How to Take Care of Your Electric Guitar

Regular maintenance, as with any guitar, can help you get the most out of it and prevent you from having to replace parts – or your entire guitar – prematurely. Restringing it every 2-3 months helps keep it sounding fresh and energetic, and it also allows you to give it a thorough cleaning to prevent dirt buildup. Wiping down the strings after use will also assist, and because necks can quickly break if dropped or knocked over, investing in a decent guitar stand is a sensible investment.

How to Test An Electric Guitar

Guitars are highly personal items. Some players may regard it as the best electric guitar ever manufactured, while others utterly loathe it. That being said, regardless of our own preferences, a best electric guitar must meet a few basic criteria before we consider recommending it to our readers.

The first consideration is build quality. When we evaluate a new six-string, we extensively inspect every part of the instrument to ensure that it feels strong and solid. If it’s a bolt-on design, like a Strat or Tele, we’ll inspect the neck join to verify it’s tight and free of gaps. We’ll make sure the machine heads are responsive, the volume and tone controls are smooth, and the pickups are in good working order. We’ll then go over the overall polish of the guitar. Are there any finishing flaws, and is the instrument polished to a respectable standard for its price?

The next consideration is playability. We’re looking at how well the guitar plays right out of the box for this. We are obviously interested in how comfortable the neck is to grip, but we are also interested in whether there are any sharp frets, tall frets, or intonation concerns, as well as whether the guitar requires considerable setup.

Finally, we must consider the instrument’s tone. Again, this is somewhat subjective, but we want to know if the instrument lives up to the manufacturer’s claims and is functional. For example, does a guitar meant for heavy metal offer the bone-crushing tone we’d expect, or does it fall flat? That said, we’ll put guitars through their paces in a range of genres just to see what they’re capable of – you never know, that EMG-loaded Flying V might have a killer blues tone hidden inside.


Purchasing a best electric guitar is a personal and subjective experience; what may be the finest electric guitar for you may not be the best electric guitar for someone else. However, there are some factors to consider while purchasing one that can help make the decision a little easier.

Electric guitars have gone a long way since its introduction in 1931 with the Rickenbacker ‘Frying Pan’ lapsteel, yet early variants are still popular today. The Fender Esquire was debuted in 1950 and evolved into the Telecaster, which is widely used by both beginners and professionals today. Following that, the Gibson Les Paul was introduced in 1952, followed by the Fender Strat in 1954. While there are numerous brands and versions available, these classics remain extremely popular.

Consider what you want from your new electric guitar; do you want anything to practise on? Are you upgrading after a few years of playing? Are you adding to your guitar collection? Do you mostly play one type of music or a few? Answering these questions before you spend your money will definitely help you locate the best electric guitar for you.

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