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Best Finger picks For Your Guitar in 2023


The strings of a guitar are plucked either with the fingernails or tiny plectrums worn on the fingertips. The latter approach calls for the use of finger picks. Both metal and plastic are common materials for finger picks. Since finger picks attach to or wrap around the end of the fingers and thumb, the guitarist can use just one hand to pick multiple strings at once instead of the one hand required for playing with flat guitar picks.

Using finger picks can help your fingerpicking sound more alive and distinct. The resultant sound is often muted and muddy when playing an instrument by picking individual strings with the skin of your fingers. However, if a plectrum is fastened to the tip of each picking finger, the player can pluck each note with more force and brightness, making it easier to hear. So, in this article, we will briefly discuss some of the best finger picks on the market.

Product Review: Guitar Finger Picks

1. Dunlop 37R.018 Brass Finger picks


  • Long lasting
  • Classic tone
  • Great for use on guitar, pedal steel, banjo, and resonator
  • Gauge: .018
  • 20 picks per tube
  • Crisp, clean, and well-defined
  • Brass composition.
  • Solid construction, offered in a range of diameters and thicknesses.
  • Reduced Tensile strength
  • Not for aggressive players
  • It wears off quickly

Dunlop produces guitar picks, an accessory for the instrument that is utilized by guitarists of varying styles and skill levels. Despite the fact that brass picks lose their malleability more quickly than picks made from harder metals do, they nevertheless provide significant advantages due to their malleability and the fact that they may be fashioned to fit individual fingers. Brass picks are cheaper than other types of picks, in addition to their other advantages. It is ideal for strumming and other rhythm activities because of the string gauge of 0.18 millimeters. These picks, like with the majority of Dunlop’s other items, are of a high quality, which is to be anticipated given that the business that creates them is Dunlop.

2. National NP-2B-4PK Finger Picks


  • Brass material
  • 0.25 size
  • Long-wearing
  • Pack of 4
  • Suitability for use with a guitar
  • Excellent quality.
  • Cracking noise.
  • Costs about what one would expect.
  • It’s not a good fit for every instrument.
  • However, thumb picks are not provided.
  • Packs contain only 4 of the items.

It is obvious to see that National is a top-tier picks-making organization that on a consistent basis generates correct predictions. The vast majority of finger picks require you to forego comfort in exchange for sound quality. There is a distinction to be made between the sound quality and the ease with which the finger pick is utilized. Nevertheless, it is not the case with this particular option. The National NP-2B-4PK is an electric guitar that has a thin body and produces a bright, crisp sound; it is an excellent instrument for fingerpicking.

It is essential to keep in mind that these picks are only offered in a quarter-inch size, which renders them inappropriate for use with some types of instruments. Although they are ideal for playing the banjo, acoustic guitarists may need to give some careful consideration before using them. They are not the ideal option for someone who is just starting out on the guitar.

3. Tone Deaf Music Metal finger Picks


  • Alloy Steel is used
  • The thickness of the pick is about average.
  • Lifetime RTB Warranty!
  • One size fits all production
  • Adjustable
  • Fits on perfectly
  • Durable
  • Longevity
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t produce bright sound
  • Not secure enough for bass

The utilisation of stainless steel in their construction results in a product that is not only lightweight but also quite robust. Particularly applicable to the guitar and banjo. They are designed to be worn by a diverse range of individuals. The collar of the pick can be tightened to accommodate your particular finger size. Because of their adjustable sizes, they are suited for those whose finger lengths span from very short to very long. The fact that these small picks may be customised to match your needs is one of their many advantages.

4. Dunlop 9020TP


  • Produced using plastic
  • This item is also available in a large size.
  • The thickness is around average.
  • Shell colour options are now available
  • Suitability for guitar
  • Fits a wide variety of instruments.
  • A perfectly even and unobtrusive plucked tone.
  • composed entirely of plastic
  • It’s difficult to mend anything whose size doesn’t correspond to its condition.

Plastic picks are advantageous due to the fact that they do not cause damage to the instrument and may be used on any instrument. The nylon strings on a classical guitar have a reputation for having a lovely and warm tone, but they are notoriously difficult to play with a pick. This pair is perfect for guitarists who want to alternate between using metal finger picks and plastic thumb picks on their instruments. When everything is taken into consideration, you are receiving legendary Dunlop quality for a fraction of the cost.

5. alaska Pik Finger picks


  • The colour is a beige-like cream.
  • The size is substantial.
  • Suitable for use with any string instrument.
  • Fits beneath nail 
  • 12 Pieces available
  • Removes the problem of broken nails
  • Comfortable enough and don’t cause any fatigue or notable pain
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t clip easily
  • Tedious to put on

Through the ingenious way in which it is shaped, this item can slide over your finger and then under your nail. It is possible for you to avoid causing damage to your nails while still enjoying the sensation of string. You will need to use more of your own nails in order to keep these in place, but considering the alternative, this might not be such a big deal. Using nothing more complicated than a file, these acrylic studs may be adjusted to accommodate virtually any finger size.

If doing so is beneficial to you, then the idea is ingenious and novel. If you play in this style, you might as well give it a chance even though we can’t promise that everyone will like it.


In conclusion, metal picks are more long-lasting and provide a clearer sound, while plastic picks are more user-friendly and generate a warmer tone. The following is to figure out the size of pick you’ll require. While smaller picks are simpler to manipulate, they can be tricky to get a firm grip on. On the other hand, larger picks are more comfortable to grasp but trickier to direct.

The last approach is to zero in on a certain pick’s design. Picks can either have a pointed tip or a rounded one. If you want to pick out individual notes, use a pointy pick, but if you want to strum, use a rounder pick. I certainly hope that this post has helped you learn more about finger picks.


Which type of finger pick material is best?

Shaped fingerpicks are the most prevalent, but they come in a wide variety of styles. The traditional nylon standard plectrum is a fantastic option if you play acoustic guitar frequently but don’t want to invest in a plectrum made specifically for that instrument. The pick is constructed with superior materials and is adaptable to a wide range of gauges.

What Are Acoustic Guitar Finger Picks?

Unless you play both types of guitars, it is impossible to identify the difference between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar. The same technique can be used to the use of either variety of picks.
Keep in mind, too, that playing fingerstyle on an acoustic guitar demands a firmer touch than playing electric, and that as a result, lighter picks can be preferred.

How to use finger picks on a guitar?

Thumb (t), index I middle (m), and ring (a) fingers of the right hand are the primary plectrums used in fingerstyle guitar playing. Though the pinky is sometimes employed, it is not typical in fingerstyle guitar unless playing a style that emphasises it, such as flamenco.

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