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Best Guitar Capos In 2023

Acquiring a guitar capo is simple. The fact that there are practically hundreds of capo brands, each offering a wide range of types and models, makes it more challenging to select the ideal one.

Guitar capos are a very popular instrument. Guitar capos have been around for decades but they were not as popular as they are today. These days, the guitar capo is one of the most used tools in music production. They are used to playing many different genres of music and they are also a very important part of the music industry. Guitar capos can be played in different ways, depending on the person playing them. Some people play them like a guitar but others use them as a harmonica or an electronic keyboard.

Guitar capos are the most common way of changing the pitch of your guitar. They are also very easy to use and can be used by anyone. Guitar capos are used to altering the pitch of a guitar. It should be able to hold the strings and make them sound properly. Capos are used for both electric and acoustic guitars. They are a very useful tool for guitarists and music producers.

When it comes to capos, you have an unbelievable number of models to choose from, and you can obtain one at any price point thanks to the abundance of options accessible online. But with so many options, how can one choose between low-quality imitations and excellent deals? This is where we come in, as we take a more in-depth look at some of the greatest capos that are available now and that are suitable for a variety of different budgets. Some of the most popular brands that offer guitar capos are Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, and Squier among others.

best guitar capos 2022: product review

1. Kyser Quick-Change Guitar Capo


  • The original one-handed Quick-Change capo
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum with steel spring
  • Professional quality
  • Parks on the guitar’s headstock when not in use
  • Made in USA and guaranteed for life
  • Many color options
  • Does not make unwanted noise
  • Thick string
  • Pricer than others in the market

The steel coil spring that makes up the capo’s clamping mechanism is much thicker than the spring used in other devices, to start. This provides you with the power you need to tighten the springs. The simplicity with which it may be opened and operated amazed me. Its powerful spring would have led me to anticipate that it would be challenging to open. No matter where you move the capo around the fretboard, there was no unwelcome buzz. one can instantly play their favourite tunes since it clicks into place like a secondary nut. Capo’s arm is curved and  It appears to be a clef that can serve as a lovely reminder of one’s areas of interest.

There are 23 different hues available. Choosing a capo that best fits your style is pretty simple. Last but not least, this infant is lightweight because to its aluminium build. But be cautious. It’s simple to misplace a capo this light.


The price of this trigger-style guitar capo may be higher. However, the Kyser’s professional-grade performance, lightweight qualities, usability, and chic appearance make every penny you spend worthwhile.

2. Donner DC-2 Guitar Capo


  • Donner professional capo is built of lightweight high quality zinc alloy (Aircraft Grade Metal).
  • Fits perfectly electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele banjo, folk guitars and mandolin, and so on.
  • Soft rubber pads give a more snug grip on the strings for firm string tension and great protection.
  • Stays in tune with a great intonation and clear tone in all frets.


MaterialSilicone,Zinc Alloy,Metal,Steel,Rubber
Item Weight0.07 Kilograms
  • Easy to secure and slide across the neck
  • Strong strings
  • Memory string
  • Heavy

I heartily recommend Donner’s DC-2 if you’re a major lover of spring capos. The DC-2’s memory spring is just one of many outstanding features. No matter the size or shape of the neck, you may mount this gadget on any stringed instrument. The DC-2 will easily fit on a guitar neck that is U-, C-, or even V-shaped.The DC-2 can deliver balanced force across the strings thanks to this memory spring. The right amount of tension is applied to each string, which enables the capo to get rid of annoying buzz. No matter how often I change the capo over the neck, this also aids in keeping the strings in tune.

In relation to positioning, the DC-2 slips across the neck and is simple to fasten. This is in spite of its powerful spring. It is, regrettably, quite heavy. It’s still good news for individuals who frequently misplace or lose their guitar capos because they are too light.


The DC-2 is incredibly well-equipped, has a sophisticated appearance, and delivers performance that is without reproach. The Donner DC-2 guitar capo is the most stunning and effective capo I’ve ever seen.

3. Dunlop Acoustic Trigger guitar Capo


  • Ergonomic shape and padded handle make fret positioning easy
  • The strong spring action clamps it firmly in place
  • Aircraft quality aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • For 6 and 12 string guitars


Item Weight2.31 Ounces
  • Strong string
  • Ease removal
  • Premium quality
  • pricey than others in market

Although this product is a little more expensive than other trigger caps available on the market, you are paying more for the brand name. Everything is OK because the capo is well-built and feels comfortable in the hand. Despite what some people may believe, it doesn’t feel like cheap plastic. Its simplistic design is a positive thing. For people who are conservative like myself, the colour options are perfect.
It won’t move after you fasten it to the fretboard. Even more astounding is how simple it is to remove the capo. This is unexpected because a spring this powerful shouldn’t make removing the guitar capo simple. However, it does!


The trigger capo is ideal for ardent Dunlop supporters. It is far more elegant, functional, and easy to use than other trigger capos on the market.

4. G7th Performance 3 guitar Capo


  • Adaptive Radius Technology – gives you maximum tuning stability by mechanically matching the curvature over the strings in any position, on any guitar neck.
  •  By simply squeezing to attach and squeezing to release, the Performance 3 capo gives you complete and intuitive control over the pressure you place on your strings, meaning you can have confidence that you are in control and will keep your guitar in tune.
  • Designed for one-handed use, in any sized hands.
  • Perfect for any steel six-string acoustic, electric or hybrid nylon string guitars


Item Weight0.1 Pounds
  • outstanding tuning stability
  • Simple to fit
  • includes a lifetime warranty
  • Not the lightest in the market
  • Expensive

The 3 has the same smooth, high-quality finish as its predecessors and is around the same size, but it features new Adaptive Radius Technology (ART) in its pad, which improves tuning stability.

The “Unique Tension Control” of the Performance 3 is another important feature. This feature enables you to gently squeeze it for attaching and releasing, creating a secure fit around any neck with a quick-release button to remove the guitar capo.


Possibly the most costly guitar capo in this list is the G7th Performance 3 with ART. But when it comes to construction quality, tuning stability, use, adaptability, and tension management, it is simply the best.

5. Shubb S1 guitar capo


  • Distinctive capo design that has been loved and trusted by musicians for over 35 years
  • Unique among adjustable capos, with Shubb you can “set it and forget it”- no need to reset the pressure with each use
  • Locking and removing is as simple as flipping the lever
  • Custom-made rubber works just like a fingertip and effortlessly keeps your guitar in tune


MaterialStainless Steel,Rubber
Item Weight0.02 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH5.5 x 3 x 0.25 inches
  • Stable and discrete
  • Amazing worth
  • Artists adore it
  • Correct tension setting is required.

This guitar capo can be used on either the bass or treble side. Simply adjust the tension with the screw cap so that it fits snugly over the strings without being too tight. Although Shubb claims the capo will last a lifetime, it does provide moderately priced new rubber sleeves in case yours ultimately wears out.

Additionally, some of the screw caps available on the market are challenging to lock and remove. The capo along the fretboard of the S1 can be removed and/or replaced by flipping a lever. The rubber is produced to order. It’s excellent for maintaining your guitar’s precise tuning.


The Shubb S1 capo is really simple to use and won’t ever interfere with your guitar’s fine tuning. In comparison to other guitar capos on the market, it can increase your confidence in your guitar playing.

6. Ernie Ball Axis Dual Radius guitar Capo


  • Ernie Ball Axis Capo’s ergonomic features allow for fast and accurate single-handed key changes
  • Reversible design fits both flat and curved fretboards
  • Dual Radius guitar capo allows for buzz-free clamping on both electric and acoustic guitars
  • Robust, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Black Satin finish


BrandErnie Ball
ColorBlack Satin
StyleRadius Capo
Item Weight0.1 Kilograms
  • Swift and simple one-handed operation
  • Various finishes are available to complement your style.
  • Resilient and lasting
  • When not in use, they are too large to fit in your guitar headstock.
  • The hold may deteriorate with time.

The Ernie Ball Axis Capo is made to accommodate both flat and curved fretboards and has a precision-molded rubber pad to protect your instrument’s finish. It has a strong, light aluminium construction and a good clamping pressure for noise-free operation.

This capo works well with electric and acoustic guitars with six and seven strings, but it can also be applied to other stringed instruments. Additionally, it comes in pewter, blue steel, silver, bronze, gold, rose gold, and black finishes. The Ernie Ball Axis Capo is a terrific alternative for musicians who frequently perform live or record live music and require quick and accurate single-handed key changes.


Although Ernie Ball’s tasty-looking Axis capo has curb appeal, its abilities go beyond the surface. Its primary asset is one-handed simplicity of use. Mid-song, do you need to change your capo? No issue! Move the Axis by just grabbing it. This capo should also be on your list of potential capos to buy since having one like it is great.

7. D’Addario Guitar Capo – NS Tri Action


  •  Designed for use on 6-string electric and acoustic guitars, the micrometer tension adjustment on the black Tri-Action Capo ensures the proper force is being applied to the neck of the guitar for buzz-free, in-tune performance at any fret.
  • Tri-Action geometry reduces the force required to open and close the capo and applies even tension regardless of neck profile.
  • The single hand, easy to operate Tri-Action Capo clamps to the headstock when not in use.
  • The NS Tri-Action Capo is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum making it rugged enough to take a beating, but very lightweight on the fretboard.
  • Slim, ergonomic design
  • Adjustment using a micrometer reduces chatter
  • Lightweight
  • Perhaps you need a second capo.
  • Not really much

A trigger capo’s opening and clamping mechanism is used. By doing this, you may rest assured that you’ll never have to deal with capo adjustments. A traditional trigger capo’s drawback is that the tension cannot be changed. Here is where the NS Tri-screw-type Action’s micrometre tension adjustment system really shines. No matter what instrument you play, this technique enables an even distribution of pressure throughout the strings. It makes the guitar sound and tune clear. It fits easily in the pocket, and the pick holder that is built right in is brilliant.


For guitarists who value both the convenience of use of a trigger capo and the accuracy of tension adjustment offered by a screw type of guitar capo, the NS Tri-Action is ideal. It also helps that the capo is inexpensive and lightweight compared to a typical trigger or screw capo. This one will work well if you’re seeking for the best capo for electric guitars and would prefer something a little less pricey. The same holds true for acoustic guitars.

Can I use any guitar capo for my guitar?

The most important factor to take into account when selecting one of the best guitar capos is that it should fit your guitar. There will undoubtedly be a capo made to fit your guitar if you see one you like because the majority of brands provide a variety of alternatives. Unless your neck or fretboard is significantly different from the standard, you shouldn’t need to purchase a special capo because capos are often made to fit as widely as feasible. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about finding anything that fits because the majority of manufacturers are even producing conventional capos that are large enough to fit on 7-string necks.

selecting the best guitar capo

Guitar Capos are a genuine necessity for every musician. A capo will be helpful whether you’re trying to play along with the original recording of one of your favourite songs in its original key or changing pitch to match a singer’s range. To get the best capo, one should put their focus on the specifications and features they need and get more information about the type of guitar capo one wants. The best guitar capo can really help in bringing out the best of your work.

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