Best Guitar Straps

Best Guitar Straps 2023

Make sure your precious guitar is secure when you step up to the stage with the best guitar straps.

Although purchasing a new guitar strap might not be as exciting as purchasing a new pedal or amp, having the best guitar straps will significantly improve your playing experience.

The strap that came with your instrument when you bought it may be boring to you, or you may be entering the stage for the first time and need something more secure. Whichever it may be, the best guitar straps not only make practising and playing more comfortable, but they also take on the characteristics of your individual playing style, allowing you to give both you and your instrument a unique personality.

A guitar straps not only allows you to hang your instrument from your shoulder at the length you desire, but it also gives your set-up some style. There are a lot of different guitar finishes available, but there are also many more patterns, designs, and colours available for straps. The best guitar straps should also allow you to play comfortably when standing up and provide you with the assurance that your instrument won’t fall to the ground.

With so many options available, making a decision can be a little overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together this list of the best guitar straps available right now.

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1. DiMarzio ClipLock Strap


  • The DiMarzio ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Strap system is the most secure and unique fastening method available
  • They are strong enough to meet military specifications and easily hold 150 pounds
  • The strap material is made from high quality nylon webbing identical to car seatbelts
  • Fantastic locking system
  • Durable material for seatbelts
  • Options for length and color
  • Some assembly is necessary.

The DiMarzio ClipLock is a complete strap and strap lock system that is used by Steve Vai, Andy Timmons, and John Petrucci. With this clever strap, you can match the colour of your guitar or stage wardrobe thanks to a number of colour choices.

Two brass bushings and several extra-long screws are included with the ClipLock strap so you may change your current guitar strap buttons. This ingenious technology enables you to attach the ClipLocks, which are fastened to the strap using sturdy clips.  You can be sure that this strap will withstand a great deal of punishment because it is made of the same material as a car seatbelt.


A durable guitar strap with a built-in strap lock mechanism. You may set it up on various guitars and simply switch between them thanks to the rapid release and attachment method.

2. Ernie Ball Polypro Guitar Strap


  • Durable and comfortable 2″ wide polypropylene webbing
  • Adjustable length 41″ to 72”
  • Quality black leather ends
  • Ernie Ball logo stamped in gold print
  • Black Delrin adjustable buckle and connector
  • Exceptional value for the money
  • Sturdy materials
  • A vast array of color possibilities
  • No statement-making item

Due to its inexpensive price and wide selection of colours, Ernie Ball’s Polypro Strap has established itself as a standard in the guitar community. Guitar greats like John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and John Frusciante have all been observed utilising these guitar straps despite the simplicity at the heart of its design philosophy.

This low-cost, lightweight, polypropylene material is also incredibly robust. The webbed design, which also gives it an extraordinarily extended lifespan, virtually eliminates the possibility of stretching. One of these has been a fixture in our home for well over ten years and is still going strong! The enormous selection of colours offered by the Ernie Ball Polypro is another fantastic feature. You want to match the colour of your Catalina Green guitar? For that, a strap is available. It’s possible that you just want to show your support by wearing a strap in a rainbow of colors, in which case, the Polypro’s enormous selection only increases its adaptability.


A fantastic value option with lots of colour options and the ideal guitar strap for situations in which comfort is first.

3. Fender Ball Glove Leather Guitar Strap


  • Genuine baseball glove leather
  • Heavy-duty contrast stitching
  • Adjustable sizing (40.5″ – 53″)
  • Soft suede underside
  • Embossed Fender logo
  • Excellent leather
  • Relaxed on the shoulder
  • Modest appearances
  • Not that tolerant towards vegans

The Fender Ball Glove Leather Strap gets its name from the leather used to make baseball gloves. The fact that this guitar strap is produced from the same materials as those used by professional baseball players is not simply a marketing ploy.

In addition to being highly durable and lightweight, the leather used in the Fender Ball Glove guitar strap is also very strong. As a result, it will withstand a lot of abuse while traveling without adding to the overall weight of your instrument. It stands out from the typical black guitar strap thanks to the contrast stitching, and the suede underside is plush and comfortable while also preventing the strap from sliding over your clothing.


It is without a doubt the best guitar strap, offering understated quality that endures and excellent leather at an incredible price.

4. Levy’s Leathers 2″ Hemp ‘Vegan’ Guitar Strap 


  • Hemp strap features a 2.5″ tall pocket on the inside for easy access storage.
  • 2-ply natural cork ends support the weight of most guitars
  • Natural and organic strap is vegan and cruelty-free using sustainable materials.
  • Silver metal slide and loop adjust from 37″ to 62″.
  • Material that is friendly to the environment
  • A pleasant feeling
  • Cork ends with a distinctive appearance
  • Not very long

The Levy’s Hemp Vegan Strap is a fantastic option if you’re the kind of musician who wants to keep an eye on their environmental impact. This strap is more than capable of competing with any other strap when the comfortable width and plush feel are taken into account.

Hemp, a sustainable material that grows without pesticides and herbicides and absorbs carbon dioxide emissions, was used to make this strap. Two layers of natural cork are used to create the ends, which offer a solid and reliable fit for your instrument. The natural appearance and feel of this strap, which come in a number of styles, makes them a great match for acoustic guitars. The silver metal slide is perfect for a range of instruments because it can be adjusted from 94 to 157 cm.


The ideal guitar strap for the musician who cares about the environment and wants a good hold on the guitar.

5. KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap


  • Fits Most: Fully adjustable length from 46″ – 56″ (Regular) to fit most players and instruments. Strap ends feature top-grade stitched leather for durability and a secure fit onto strap buttons or strap locks.
  • Style Meets Comfort: The unique air cells on the underside of this strap offer flexibility and cushion that deliver unparalleled lasting comfort.
  • Perfectly Balanced: The 3″ wide neoprene shoulder pad disperses the weight of your instrument evenly across your shoulder and back, allowing you to play for longer periods without strain or discomfort.
  • Moisture Wicking: By trapping air with specialized materials, this strap lies smoothly on the shoulder and back, moves easily on clothing or skin, and wicks away sweat to allow your shoulder to breath.
  • Made To Last: The AirCell Guitar Strap not only features a modern look but a long-lasting design that will prove to be a wise investment throughout the years. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Comfortable
  • Enables the skin to breathe
  • Good value
  • It’s quite heavy.

Nobody, it’s safe to say, would associate KLIQ with the more recognisable names in the guitar industry. However, it might have found a lovely little niche in the accessories industry with its AirCell guitar strap.

We think the AirCell is one of the most comfortable guitar straps because of its innovative technique, which jams a tonne of air-filled cells (you can see where they got their name from) onto its underside. These provide a cushion to prevent the player’s neck and shoulders from becoming too stressed with heavier instruments, which is made possible by the 3″ strap width. The cells not only provide comfort, but they also have the added advantage of wicking moisture away from the skin or clothing, allowing your shoulder to breathe during extended playing sessions.


This is the guitar strap where comfort meets form and function. It is the most comfortable guitar strap to enhance your performance and help your shoulders.

6. Fender Nylon Guitar Strap


  • Reinforced leather ends offer extra security
  • Package Dimensions: 3.555 H x 18.288 L x 7.111 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 0.15 pounds
  • Excellent value
  • Excellent length adjustment
  • Sturdy materials
  • The power of looks to divide

The distinctive lightning bolt that runs down the front of the fender Lightning Bolt Strap sets it apart from the competitors. Additionally, the fact that it is a quality fender product at a fair price helps its standing.

This strap is made of sturdy nylon material and slides over your clothing with ease, making it ideal if you want to do a guitar spin. Just remember your strap locks! The design ensures that this strap will withstand heavy use and serve you for many years. Leather tips with the recognisable Fender emblem attached firmly to your guitar. Adjustability is provided by a robust buckle that feels completely rock solid. There isn’t much to complain about, and the width is comfy for the price.


A perfcet guitar strap for all the rock and rollers out there, with good design and durability.

7. PRS Guitars Premium Leather 2″ Strap 


  • SKU: 102079::009:
  • Beautifully crafted 2″ premium leather strap with bird embroidery
  • A strap truly worthy of your PRS guitar
  • Leather ends with pinholes cut specifically with your PRS guitar in mind
  • Will fit electric and acoustic instrument
  • A pleasant feeling
  • Broad enough for large guitars
  • Beautiful, subtle appearances
  • Very expensive

The PRS Signature Leather Strap is the one for you if you live the good life. Like the PRS guitars, this strap has a wonderful appearance and a high-end feel. Its understated appearance and modest PRS insignia let it to blend nicely with a range of guitars.

It has a tapering design that is wide in the ideal areas and is exceptionally stable thanks to the leather construction. It becomes wider as it approaches your shoulder, making it simple to attach and comfortable to wear for extended periods. It is ideal for heavy guitars because of the comfort provided by the thick padding. Even though you might have trouble putting it on because of the small holes for the strap pins, you can be sure it will stay in place once you do.


A stable and premimium guitar to perfectly match your PRS guitars.

8. Fender Vintage Tweed Guitar Strap


  • Fully adjustable length (44″ to 52.5″) provides a versatile fit for most players, 2” wide
  • Classic tweed material imparts a vintage-style vibe
  • Embossed gold Fender “F” logo on reinforced leather ends adds an extra cosmetic touch and uncompromised durability
  • Nerdy antique style
  • Lightweight
  • Tough
  • Not much variation in sizes

The cream and yellow colour scheme of the tweed is lovely. It is lightweight and enduring because it is constructed of a polyester and spandex blend. On the back, it contains a thin webbing that acts as a barrier between the strap and the skin to stop slipping.

Its ends, which are made of genuine leather, will hold your guitar securely. Although this strap is simply Fender-inspired and not a Fender product, the ends also have the iconic Fender “F” design. As a result, you shouldn’t anticipate Fender-caliber craftsmanship. Despite this, the strap continues to be a highly suggested item. It only adjusts between 44″ and 49.5″, which may be an issue for some guitarists.


Rockabilly and punk rock musicians, as well as anyone who like the vintage aesthetic, will love this guitar strap. It is stylish and comfy, and the real leather ends speak to its sturdiness.

How to select the ideal guitar strap?

Each guitarist probably has a slightly different optimal guitar strap. Finding the perfect one will depend on the player’s height and personal taste for how low they like their guitar to be. Super-low-slung guitars may seem fantastic, but they make playing tough passages a little bit more challenging and, over time, might harm your hand and wrist. This is not to say that really lengthy guitar straps are not a good idea, but it is something to think about.

Finding a strap that is either quite broad or has a lot of cushioning may be worthwhile if you have a heavy guitar. Wider straps spread the weight of the instrument across a broader surface area, making them less abrasive, and padded straps will probably provide a more comfortable fit.

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