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5 Best Bass Guitars in 2022

bass guitars
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Table of Contents

The world of bass guitars is so captivating, with so many instruments covering almost every musical requirement, taste and budget. If you ever think about it, chances are that it is already a reality somewhere and very likely on this list of bass guitars in2019. The great thing is that you don’t have to be a genius to understand what is cool and what not. Instead, all you need is the right knowledge.

bass guitars
Photo by Andre Moura from Pexels


Types Of Bass Guitars

There are many types of bass guitars like electric basses, acoustic basses, five-string basses and even seven-string basses. And for the beginner guitar player, there are many models to choose from. So, what is it that really matters when it comes to buying the best bass guitar?

The Differences Between Acoustic Bass Guitars and Electric Bass Guitars

Acoustic bass guitars are the guitars that are made mostly from acoustic woods like basswood. The sound that these bass guitars produce is different from the sound produced by electric bass guitars. The acoustic bass guitar has a hollow body similar to a steel-necked acoustic guitar, although generally bigger than a regular electric-string acoustic guitar (though not as big as the stratocaster). It does not have an electric pickup in its neck. Instead it contains a hollow body and a neck and a whammy bar that vibrate, making the music produced by the bass guitar sound rather than the sound made by an electric pickup.

bass guitars

The main difference between electric bass guitars and acoustic bass guitars is the way the sound is produced. With an electric-pickup bass, sounds are amplified by the vibrations in the pickup coil, making the sound much louder than with acoustic guitars without pickups. However, in acoustic bass guitars without pickups, the vibrations of the strings will make the sound. Bass guitarists with strong, booming bass voices usually use electric bass guitars. Acoustic bass guitarists usually rely more on their bass tone and harmonies with their acoustic bass guitars.


The cost of electric bass guitars can be quite expensive, since they generally don’t have as many electronics built into them as their acoustic counterparts do. However, many electric bass guitar players find that the cost of playing electric bass guitars is worth it because of the sheer excitement of playing bass. Bass guitar players that rely too much on their electric guitars can quickly grow disinterested in the music because they grow used to the lack of electric bass guitar tone and the lack of ability to modify the sound. Electric guitars are great for moments when you want to rock out; for other times you may be better off working with an acoustic bass guitar.

Here in this article we are going to suggest you 5 best Electric Bass Guitars.

How to choose Best Bass Guitar for you

Here are some things that will help you decide.

  1. You should do a little research. Find out which models of bass guitars have active electronics such as fender amps or Mesa/boards passive electronics. Some bassists like the sound that these kinds of amplification systems give.
  2. Set your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Some bass guitars players start with a Fender Stratocaster for their first bass guitars. But if you are a beginner bassists and you just want to play around and experiment, you should go with a simpler model such as alder or walnut body. But remember that cheaper does not necessarily mean inferior.
  3. Consider your bass guitar’s feature set. Bass guitars come in various models and brands. There are the classic six string basses, which are usually used in rock music, the seven string basses, which are perfect for jazz music, the eight-string basses, which are great for folk music and the twelve-string basses, which are very popular for playing rock. So know what features your bass guitar should have.
  4. Make sure that you do not buy a cheap bass guitar. Bass guitars prices have been falling steadily because bass guitar players are upgrading their instruments to more powerful ones. Some of the more popular bass guitars that are being replaced are the Mesa/boards passive electronics basses, which are a popular choice among musicians, the fender stratocasters, and the maple leaf acoustic basses. These brands have better electronic features, higher quality basses, and are much more expensive.
  5. Look online. You might be able to find new and used guitars for sale in your local music stores. But if you are looking to save money and get high-quality electric bass guitars at affordable prices, check out websites of music equipment wholesalers that offer large inventories of quality instruments at deeply discounted prices.
  6. Buy vintage guitars instead of buying “vintage.” Many people mistakenly think that vintage instruments are very old and are made of broken down parts. But these kinds of basses have actually been used by famous bass players in the past. They may not have the best sound, but they definitely have a rich history!
  7. Use alder as a second tone. Alder produces a very deep bass sound that is warm and mellow. However, it is not as thick as maple, so alder bass guitars do not have to be as light as the other kinds of basses. Your fingers will thank you.

Finally, learn to play easy songs. Easy songs have many different tones. The strings on an acoustic bass can’t hold much volume so they produce high notes. Strings that are rated for bass are not as thick so they produce less bass sound. If you want to be able to play a song in G, C, D, E, F, A, and A-sharp, look for the tabs for those kinds of songs. The tabs tell you the order to place the bass strings so you know exactly what notes to play.

After buying a Bass Guitar it is necessary to protect it from every damage. For that you need to buy a Bass Guitar bag or case, click here to read about best bass guitar case.

Here are the 5 Best Bass Guitars you can consider in 2021

1. Yamaha TRBX 504 TBN


bass guitars

As a bass guitar player myself, I can tell you that this little guitar is one of the most comfortable to play on. It has a heavy feeling when you pick it up, which helps with lead bass guitar playing as well. The fingers have a nice smooth texture to them and there is enough room to hold onto when you are tapping the fret board. If you want to be able to hit all of the strings and make sure everything sounds great then you need to have a sturdy bass guitar.

One thing I love about this bass guitar is how easy it is to play with. There are not a lot of buttons to press, and even less if you have ever played a cheap bass guitar. This bass guitar has so many cool features and sounds that it is hard to describe it. The Yamaha TRBX 504 has a humbucker at the bridge, which allows it to be easily changed for any given situation. Another cool thing about it is that it comes with a whammy bar as well. The whammy bar will allow you to get some nice clean tones from this little bass guitar.

This bass guitar is perfect for a beginner guitar player. It’s got a great tone and is not very heavy. I’m sure that you can handle playing a little bit of bass guitar. If you are interested in learning more about Yamaha bass guitars then you should visit my website. You can find cool stuff there like beginner lessons and instructional guides on how to become a better bass guitar player.

  • Solid Mahogany Body

  • Five-Piece Maple/Mahogany Neck

  • Humbucking.

  • Nothing

2. Ibanez GSRM20BS Mikro Bass Guitar

The Ibanez GSRM20BS model is the company’s latest addition to its product line. It is designed for use by both the beginner and advanced bass guitar player who want to create a powerful bass sound with his or her Ibanez. As with all bass guitars manufactured by Ibanez, this one comes in a very classy body with a gloss black lacquer finish. You can choose from two single-coil pickups or two humbucker pickups.

bass guitars


One unique feature of the GSRM20BS is its slipper clutch, which makes it easy to play even while the guitar is turned up to its maximum level. Its textured body makes it more comfortable to hold and play the guitar, especially for the novice player. The neck of the bass guitar is precisely cut and drilled so it will fit comfortably in the player’s hands.

Another unique feature of the GSRM20BS is that it does not contain any electronic components such as a pickup or an electronic tuner. This makes it the perfect bass guitars for someone who is not very familiar with electronic equipment. Instead, its only electronic component is its effective playability. There are other models of Ibanez bass guitar such as the GSR200BS and the GSRM200B which are slightly more expensive than the GSR20 BS.

  • Shortened scale

  • Lightweight

  • Fat tones

  • Tuning could be more easier

3. Dean Custom Zone Bass Guitar

bass guitars

The Dean Custom Zone Stratocaster Guitar has been getting rave reviews from music reviewers and guitar enthusiasts. It is said to be a fine combination of top-notch features that delivers maximum value for the money spent. The lower cost compared to other bass guitars in the same class has attracted many customers, especially those who were not able to spend much on guitars in the past. It is a product of good craftsmanship that is coupled with features that make it easy to perform.


The lightweight body of the guitar is made up of aluminum alloy with steel nuts holding the neck in place. The guitar offers the best bass guitar brands and its body is one of the reasons why it sounds so great when a person plays it. It has also received accolades for its durability and good looks. The frets are also evenly spaced, which is another reason why this guitar has been loved by guitar enthusiasts. The neck is made up of maple wood with it being finished with black paint.

When you purchase electric bass guitars from Dean, it will come with a padded carrying case, a wireless foot pedal, black hardware with rosewood fingerboards and a gig bag. A typical warranty period on the body is one year and on the electric components one year. When it comes to amplifiers or speakers, it is recommended that you buy it from Gucci. You will be offered an affordable deal as Gucci amplifiers are known for their quality.

  • Well-manufactured
  • Good balance
  • Head-turner
  • Nothing at this price

4. Yamaha Billy Sheehan Signature Attitude 3 Bass Guitar


bass guitars

A Yamaha Billy Sheehan Signature Attitude 3 bass guitar is like a true friend. This product is still in very good working condition, hardly ever used and well kept. From the maker: This high end bass is loud, aggressive and tight, yet surprisingly precise and versatile. The lows are crystal clear and the mids a bit dark with a tight tone that is surprisingly deep. The latest electronics, which include our new fiberglass bridge and spline glued body design with exclusive IRA and splined neck joint also contribute to this powerful bass.

Playing bass guitars is really not as difficult as it may appear at first. Just follow some simple guidelines and your bass guitar playing should be fine. If you have never had the opportunity to play bass before, start slowly with some bass guitar tabs or videos to help you understand the basics. As soon as you feel comfortable with some of the notes and have learnt most of the chords, you can take the plunge and purchase your own bass guitars. What a fantastic way to end a summer day with your Fender Billy Sheehan Signature Attitude!

  • One of Yamaha’s signature series models
  • Custom pickups
  • Stereo output jacks
  • Additional tonality control
  • Control set can be confusing to begin with

5. Ibanez GSR206BWNF Bass Guitar

bass guitars

The Ibanez GSR 206 BWNF is a model of beauty in bass guitars. It has all the best features you can find on a bass that cost hundreds more than this. For starters, the bass guitar from Ibanez comes with a deluxe gig bag. Bass guitars players carry gig bags for when they go on tour to carry their equipment and to keep it in good condition. Ibanez’s bass guitar bags are made from heavy-duty vinyl with soft lining and they double as a carrying case for your bass.

A deluxe gig bag comes with a padded carry handle and a carrying strap. The guitar has an extremely large pickguard which also acts as an effective pickguard cover. The neck of the Ibanez GSR 206 BWNF bass guitar is made of alder and it is equipped with locking whammy bar which is extremely useful for strumming and picking. The body of the bass guitar is covered with a thick black pickguard that is beautifully finished. You will also find a large lock-around bridge, a large pickguard and two highly efficient humbucker pickups in the body of the guitar.

If you want to get the most from your bass guitar you will definitely want to consider using a quality set of strings. Ibanez basses use the best strings and construction available on the market. They use strings made of ash and spruce. Other models of bass guitars use either graphite or fiberglass’ strings. The strings are wound on the Ibanez GSRagus model by using an EZ Strings winding system that is superior to other similar models on the market. You get much more value for your dollar when you buy an Ibanez bass guitar.

  • Well-manufactured
  • Great pick-up selection
  • Fat punchy sound
  • Lacks some of the gloss and glitter of more expensive models


To make sure that you don’t miss anything, all you need to do is turn on your favorite music and get lost in it. This will give you the inspiration you need to choose the best bass guitar for you. Anyway, after you are done listening to your favorite music you can now read this article and choose the best guitar you want according to your taste.

When you are through with your search, you will most likely come across a few websites that you might be interested in. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions because at the end of the day they are selling you their products. At the end of the day the choice is yours. It’s not difficult at all and anyone can do it. If you do decide to purchase a bass guitar online, remember to read all the fine print so you know what you are getting.

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