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How often should I polish my guitar?

Developing the habit of wiping down your guitar or bass with a soft cloth after each playing session is an excellent technique to prevent finger muck and oils from accumulating over time. If you can’t remember that I forgot to polish my guitar after playing, schedule a wipedown once a week.

That’s a terrific technique to keep your fretboard in good shape. At the very least, wash down the fingerboard after each string replacement. A clean fingerboard feels and looks nicer, and it will help your strings last longer.

Your fretboard drying out, cracking, and wearing is a more long-term worry. Many manufacturers advocate cleaning your fretboard with a specialist wood oil every six months for this reason.

Natural oils, such as Dunlop’s Lemon Oil or Fender Custom Shops Fingerboard Remedy the, are better. You only need a small amount of oil on a cloth (not too much, just a little), and then wipe your fretboard with the moist cloth. Your fretboard should be fine to go for many years if you do this – a quick, dry wipe for fingerprints and oils, and then a complete clean every six months to moisturise it.

Is guitar polish necessary?

Polishing your guitar will make it appear better, but it will do nothing for the finish other than make it shine. If you feel driven to polish your guitar, look for products that include just pure carnauba wax, which is the safest for it.

Why should I polish my guitar?

Preserve the life of your instrument and improve its playability. Keeping your guitar clean is one of the greatest and easiest methods to care for it. The finish and hardware of your guitar can be prematurely aged by dirt, dust, sweat, skin oil, spilt beverages, smoking, and other crud.

Can I polish my guitar with alcohol?

Although rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol is an excellent cleaning product, it should not be used to clean guitar strings. While rubbing alcohol is effective in removing dirt off guitar strings, it may cause harm to the fretboard.

How do I polish my guitar fretboard?

Clean the fretboard — Remove tenacious crud off Rosewood/Ebony/Pau Ferro fretboards with fine steel wool, then rehydrate with Lemon Oil. Clean Maple fretboards with a wet cloth. Spray guitar polish onto a soft cloth and wipe clean the instrument body for Poly-finished (gloss) guitars.

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