Loog 3 String Acoustic Guitar
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Loog 3 String Acoustic Guitar- Best Guitar For Kids

If you’re a parent of a toddler or a preschooler, you might want to consider a 3-string acoustic guitar called the Loog 3 String Acoustic Guitar. It comes with an accompanying app, and it encourages children to play songs from day one. Its innovative design lets kids learn from the very first chord, and it’s the perfect way to encourage kids to keep playing. The Loog Mini Guitar has a Kickstarter campaign, which raised $358,286 from 2,391 backers.

About this item

  • The ideal first guitar
  • Ages: 3+
  • Fully assembled and ready to play
  • Includes flashcards with chord diagrams
  • Full access to the Loog app (iOS and Android)


Top Material TypeBasswood
Body MaterialBasswood
Back Material TypeBasswood
Neck Material TypeMaple
Fretboard Material TypeMaple
String Material TypeNylon
Hand OrientationRight
Guitar Bridge SystemAdjustable
  • Perfect size for kids
  • Very well made
  • Lightweight
  • None at this budget

Design Of Loog 3 String Acoustic Guitar

Loog 3 String Acoustic Guitar is designed to be easy for a child to play, and it can be adjusted to suit any size. The Loog is lightweight, but durable, and is designed for young children to learn the basics of fingering. Made of basswood, the body of this guitar produces a rich, warm sound that will offset the smaller cavity of its neck. Its maple neck helps with projection and clarity.

The Loog 3 String Acoustic Kids Guitar is designed with kids in mind. Its design and functionality are both stylish and functional. A child’s first guitar should be an investment in their future. A quality, sustainable guitar will last them a lifetime. Its app will also help them learn the basic chords of the guitar. These are the only strings that are suitable for toddlers. If you want a high-quality acoustic guitar for your little one, you need to look for a product that is well-designed.

The Loog 3 String Acoustic Guitar is adjustable, and you can find a size that matches your child’s growing arm. The neck is made from a skinnier material, so the instrument is easier to play and adjust. The neck is made from basswood for sound, maple for the fretboard, and rosewood for the body. The Loog guitar is a great choice for a young child just learning to play the guitar.

Features of Loog 3 String Acoustic Guitar

Loog 3 String Acoustic Guitar is ideal for younger children. Its slim neck and low action make it easier to reach the strings. It’s easy to use, and the augmented reality technology on the guitar allows kids to see where their fingers should be placed on the guitar.

The neck is also responsive to a player’s touch, making it easy for younger players to pick up the instrument. The Loog is made from basswood, maple for the neck, and maple for the body.

The Loog’s neck is flexible, making it perfect for young children. The guitar’s neck is skinnier than most acoustic guitar, but it will still be a great option for younger kids.

The skinnier neck will make playing the instrument more fun for them. If your child is already interested in learning how to play, this Loog 3 String Acoustic Kids Guitar is the perfect choice. It’s easy to play, and it sets them up for future music skills.

The Loog 3 String Acoustic Guitar has a neck that is shorter than a standard three-string guitar, so it’s a good choice for young children. The two-string guitars have the same string length, so they’re easy to play. The two-string Loog 3 String Acoustic Kids Guitar has a neck that is skinnier than a traditional three-string acoustic.


The Loog 3 String Acoustic Guitar is a great choice for little ones with an interest in playing the guitar. It’s a 22-inch long, two-pound instrument. The guitar’s maple neck and fingerboard are made of real basswood. The strings are nylon, so the action is great for a kid’s guitar. Its color is also a great choice for little guitarists.


The Loog guitar is designed to teach kids how to play the first three strings of a guitar. The neck is thinner than the necks of many other types of instruments, but it’s easy to bend the Loog’s thinner neck makes it more approachable to beginners. The design of the Loog is also more appealing to children. It’s easy to use, and its unique augmented reality feature responds to the way you play.The Loog Mini is a great first guitar for kids.

Its three strings are the perfect length for small hands. The guitar’s easy-to-play design is great for young musicians who are just beginning to learn. The low price makes it a great introduction to the guitar for children. In addition to the benefits, this guitar is also affordable, so parents can afford it for their children. The price is an important factor in deciding whether to buy the Loog Pro or the regular version.

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