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6 Best Electric Guitar Cases in 2022

Why do we need an Electric Guitar Case? 

It sounds almost impossible to be with your guitar all the time for its protection. It can also be very risky to transport your beloved guitar from one place to another during jamming sessions, and weight of the additional gear also adds to the risk. So it’s just as important to have a case for your electric guitar as important it is for you to have covers for the safety and longevity of your tools, ornaments, instruments, among many other important things.

Are these cases really helpful in keeping our instrument Safe and Sound?

electric guitar case

Cases protect our guitar not only from the external damage but also from the temperature. Whether it is hot or cold, humidity or dust, an electric guitar case will protect your guitar from any such harm. So now this is clear that if we want the durability of our instrument and not create a massive hole in our pockets doing the same, then we need to go for a good and budget effective electric guitar case.

It’s unaffordable to buy new guitars every year or every six months for a common artist. Also, many guitar players fail to notice the importance of an excellent electric guitar case.

When we compare the cost of a protective case with the cost of repairing or replacing our guitar out-right, there is no excuse. Because it’s not worth spending more on the repairing part and pay more when we can protect our instrument just by investing a little amount as compared to the repairing cost of that instrument, some external damages can ruin the shape of wood and cause it to fall radically out of tune. With the Electric guitars, there is another risk of damaging humbuckers, single-coil pickups, and internal electronic parts.

What should we look for when choosing an electric guitar case?

From the classic hard case to the padded soft-sided bag, there are many options available varying in shape, size, color, quality, and price. 

Now the question is, How to decide the right electric guitar case for us? 

Generally, before purchasing a new instrument, we ask or seek guidance from other specialists, or we simply google out the best few options, the same way before coming to any conclusion regarding the best option for us. Here, you’ll want some sort of information or guidance so that you can choose the best electric guitar case not just in terms of durability but also by looks and material under our preferred budget and brand.

Now, it doesn’t only depend on factors like your taste in colors, quality, brand and budget but also another most important factor, which is how active you are as a guitarist. If you are a regular artist, performance guitarist, or often find ourselves at band practice or jamming sessions, then investing in a good quality electric guitar case would be wise enough. However, if you are just a bedroom player and quite content in that, with no intention of having to haul our gear to shows or practice, then a gig-bag should be sufficient. I would not suggest spending generously if your guitar is just resting in your room most of the time.

Just in case you decide someday to move your guitar for any reason like while cleaning your room, it will be easier for you to handle without stressing about your guitar’s safety if you have an electric guitar case.

There is a common saying, “Prevention is better than cure” and it’s always sensible to go for prevention before coming into a state of cure.

Even if your guitar is not in use, it will still need protection. Usually, an electric guitar case or gig bag is one of the most important investments you can make as a musician to keep your instrument in its best possible condition.

While looking for an electric guitar case, you should first decide whether you want a hard or soft case. Both types have their uniqueness. Typically hard-cases are of incredibly durable materials that will stand up to the rigors of the road. Soft cases and gig bags are generally smaller and handheld, hence they require less space and this makes them ideal for situations in which there is an issue of limited space. Since both types offer excellent protection for your instrument, finding the one that is best for you is simply a matter of personal choice. 

Let’s have a look at the best Electric Guitar Case options available in the market. Hopefully, it will help you to go for the best one as per your preference.

Cahaya Electric Guitar Padded Bag


  • Suits ST, LP style full size and 3/4 size electric guitars. This CAHAYA electric guitar bag is light, sleek and rugged. Its design allows you to quickly unzip the case and pull out your guitar.
  • Thick Padded Lining: 0.35in interior padding throughout. Perfect for defending your gear against in-home accidents as well as light-travel nicks, scuffs and scratches.
  • Stylish: Grey nylon weave case with contrasting blue zippers make this case stylish as well as being showerproof.
  • Adjustable backpack-style shoulder straps and padded carry handle makes it very comfortable to carry around.
  • Upper Bout Width: 12.6 in, Lower Bout Width: 15.3 in.


MaterialNylon, Rubber
Closure TypeZipper
Item Dimensions LxWxH40 x 14.8 x 2.6 inches
  • Very sturdy and well padded.
  • Affordable price.
  • Perfect for small and regular sized low cost guitars.
  • Not big enough for large guitars.

This CAHAYA electric guitar case is of high quality, rugged, lightweight and sleek. Its design allows you to unzip the case quickly and take out your guitar easily in less time.

The inner part of the case is designed with thick padded lining: 0.35 in interior padding throughout which holds the guitar in its place and doesn’t move around causing any damage to the strings of the guitar. Perfect for defending our gear against in-home accidents as well as light to travel nicks, scuffs (feet rubbing marks), and scratches. The case is Ideal for transporting your valuable Guitar.

The case is which is in trend these days: Grey nylon weave case with contrast blue zippers that makes this case more elegant and shower proof.

It has adjustable and very well stitched two shoulder straps, and designed in padded backpack style with two carry handle that makes it very comfy to carry around and makes it a handheld instrument. Fits most standard single and double cutaway electric guitars.

Imported directly from USA.

***NOTE: THIS GIG BAG IS TOO SHORT FOR AN ELECTRIC BASS GUITAR. Please select from electric bass guitar bags in our store if you need one.

Gator Cases Gig Bag for Standard Electric Guitar


  • Fits Electric Guitars
  • Nylon construction with 10mm internal padding
  • Reinforced interior at headstock & Bridge
  • Exterior pocket for accessories and adjustable backpack straps
  • Interior dims: Body length: 20″ Lower bout Width: 14.9″ Middle Bout Width: 13.5″ Upper bout Width: 12.7″ Overall Length 40.3″


StyleStandard Electric Guitars
Closure TypeZipper
Item Dimensions LxWxH41.3 x 15.7 x 1.2 inches
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Dense foam padding
  • Lightweight
  • Not enough padding, might not fit an epiphone/gibson, or a wide or thick fender.

Gator is a great very well established and well known wholesome family company today for electric guitar case with an inspiring back story as many of our well-known personalities. They were established in the year 2000 by the father and daughter duo Jerry Freed and Crystal Morris. Initially, they were doing many guitar shows around the US spreading the word of their products, slowly expanding into the brilliant company that they are known for today.

The Gator Cases GBE line guitar gig bags are ideal for individuals searching for a lightweight, low-cost, yet durable solution for protecting their instruments. To guard against dents and scratches, the GBE series gig bags have a 10mm cushioning. The Gator Cases GBE-series gig bags have a reinforced lining around the guitar neck’s head stock for further protection. Gator Cases’ GBE series has an extra-large exterior pocket for tuners, sheet music, strings, and other supplies.

The Gator Gig Bag is a high-quality hybrid Electric Guitar case (GBE-ELECT) that offers the primal protection of a softshell bag the heavy-duty durability of a Gator case. This rugged bag is designed with nylon exterior and is resistant to rips, tears, and moisture. It’s top-to-bottom heavy-duty, side zipper enclosure allows for easy loading and unloading. Inner 10 mm of foam core padding provides extra protection. A single exterior zipper pocket offers enough space for keeping your favourite guitar strings, picks, and all the related accessories in it. Keep your electric guitar safe with the Gator GBE-ELECT Gig Bag.

ChromaCast CC-EHC-KIT-3 Electric Guitar Hard Case with Pick Sampler


  • Lockable wood hard case with plush lined interior that includes extra neck and bridge padding
  • Sturdy chrome latches and bumpers on bottom and sides of case for added protection and stability, Comfortable molded handle
  • Large interior storage compartment for accessories
  • Inside Length: 41″, Inside Body Length: 19.75″, Inside Lower Bout Width: 13.25″, Inside Upper Bout: 14″, Inside Height: 3″
  • Includes: 4 Pick Sampler


Closure TypeToggle
Item Dimensions LxWxH43 x 14 x 4 inches
  • Solid Build
  • Perfect Fit for most guitars out there
  • Value for money
  • Not for travelling by airplane
  • Plywood is fairly thin so can’t expect the case to handle any major impact

Chroma Cast is not a very well-known brand. Along with the gig bags and electric guitar cases, they offer an entire suite of accessories such as strings, straps, picks, stands, instrument cables, and drumsticks. They even produce violin accessories and t-shirts, these guys do a bit of everything and up to a decent standard.

Casewise, they carry a range of different types, covering bass guitars, acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars (both Dreadnought and mini jumbo), and both gig bags and hard electric guitar cases. It is the hard shells. We will be taking a look at in this review.

Like many of ChromaCast’s products, the CC-EHC is a no-frills case that does the same what it claims. It doesn’t give false hopes. It is a lightweight electric guitar case, so it should not add any notable extra weight to your instrument. The inner covering layer is well padded, although it is clear and understood that there are many more things in this department. This department is wide enough.

In terms of the outer layer, it is a classic laminate/plastic hardshell that will keep your investment well protected from impacts and abrasions.

Another essential feature of the exterior is the handle, which is very impressive and easy to hold and makes it handy. A common complaint among many guitarists who all go for hard cases is there weak handles, which eventually break or snap off from the body of the case entirely due to the weight of the case and instrument. We don’t envisage that with this as the handle is extremely durable and hard-wearing and very well stitched. Also, the latches on this product are perfect, easily lockable, and strong enough. They should keep your instrument secure without facing any issue.

This ChromaCast hard electric guitar case is designed to protect your instrument and keeping it sound its best. Durable wood construction features a plush-lined interior with extra neck and bridge padding for providing full support and security to your guitar. It has Sturdy chrome latches and bumpers on the bottom and sides of the case to add extra protection and stability. Moulded D shape handle allows for a comfortable grip and makes it easy to hold and transport.

It also has features like a large accessory compartment for storage which is what we all look up to. This electric guitar hard case is designed by musicians for the active player who all are engaged in regular performances or take their guitar from one place to another frequently.

ChromaCast is dedicated towards crafting roadworthy products. It is known for providing the best in creative, catchy design, pocket friendly, and durable products. ChromaCast proves you don’t have to spend a fortune for quality music gear. Electric guitar case interior dimensions are 41.5″ Length, 14″ Wide upper bout, 14″ Wide lower bout, 3″ Height.

Cahaya Guitar Bag 40*41*42 Inches 6 Pockets Electric Guitar Case


  • Thick Sponge: thick sponge can prevent guitar from damage and thick adjustable straps makes it more comfortable to carry. Bag Dimension: 43.5″ x 17.9″ x 4.7″
  • Material: waterproof oxford fabric last longer time which is economical, practical, convenient and durable than the other materials.
  • 6 Outer Pockets: six pockets on the bag’s exterior provide convenient storage space for sheet music, strings, tuners, picks and other accessories.
  • Dual-Use Design: you can carry it by hands if take it to a nearby place(handbag) or wear it with shoulders which makes your feel breezily when go hiking(backpack).
  • Rugged and Protective: the sleek appearance and solid construction will keep the guitar from scratches and dirt, also the sturdy zipper and rubber shockproof base protect the guitar well.
  • Good quality, good looks
  • No cheap zippers
  • Extra pockets for accessories
  • Not built for large guitars

This is a Premium guitar bag that is compatible with keeping 40/41/42-inch guitars, Length: 111cm, Neck width: 14.5cm, Body thickness: 12.5cm. It has 12mm thick sponge foam padding, that is larger and thicker-padded than its previous yellow-colored model.

Two outer pouches: a large front pocket for sheet music/documents and an extra neck pocket for accessories (pedals, adapters, cables, tuners, etc.)

The electric guitar case is highly Water-proof and its exterior is made up of oxford cloth, It has two-way metal zippers. It’s non-slip silicone handle makes its grip more solid and also makes it more convenient to hold with the handle for a long period, the handle is firmly-stitched.

This case is Imported from the UK(United Kingdom).

Cahaya Electric Guitar Case (Premium version)


  • Upgraded premium guitar case is compatible with 40/41/42-inch guitars, Length: 43.7”, Neck width: 5.1”, Body thickness: 4.7”, Upper bout: 13.5”, Lower bout: 18”, larger than the previous Version.
  • 0.5-inch thick sponge padding. Padding is thicker than previous version and will protect your guitar from bumps and scratches.
  • Two exterior pouches: a large front pocket for sheet music/documents and an extra neck pocket for accessories (pedals, adapters, cables, tuners, etc.)
  • Waterproof oxford cloth exterior, durable two-way metal zippers, non-slip silicone handle, firmly-stitched.
  • Bigger Pocket: Based on customer feedback, this premium guitar bag has been made with a pocket bigger than before.
  • Padded with thick sponge
  • Well-made and firm shoulder strap
  • Sufficient to protect from any scratches
  • Not made for traveling by airplane

The measurements of this stylish bag is 0.35 inches thicker padding and one large front pocket to store more of your accessories than of its previous version. One can say it is worth the price!

42.1 x 16.3 x 4.7 inch, compatible with 39/40/41 inch acoustic & classical guitars.

It is a soft electric guitar case that provides water-resistance and its exterior is made up of oxford cloth. The case has dual adjustable shoulder straps. The case also has three handles along with its ergonomic backpack straps for adding more into its convenience.  This new version guitar bag comes with a back hanger loop and can also be hung up on the wall for decoration.

It has two pouches in the front of the outermost part of the bag: one on front body and one on the neck; It can contain all your music essentials related to your guitar like fit sheet music, documents, music books, accessories (pedals, adapters, cables, tuners, etc.).

Chromacast CC-BPB-BAG Electric Guitar Case


  • Exterior dimensions: 46″ Length x 12″ (Upper bout)/ 14″ (Lower bout) Width x 3″ Height.
  • Interior dimensions: 45.5″ Length x 11.5″ (Upper bout)/ 13.5″ (Lower bout) Width x 2.5″ Height.
  • Six pockets make it easy to carry all of your music gear in one bag
  • Two adjustable padded shoulder straps and two handles allows for easy transport between gigs, Rehearsals or classes
  • Available Range: The cases are mainly Available for acoustic, electric, and electric bass guitars.


Closure TypeZipper
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Lots of pockets for extra stuff like accessories
  • Not much padding.

Chromacast bag is made up while considering all the quality parameters to meet the quality check needs of users.

The bag has two adjustable padded shoulder straps and two handles that allows easy transport to your guitar in between gigs, rehearsals, classes, or wherever you want to take your guitar along with you.

It has six pockets that makes it more comfy and spacious to carry all of your music gear in one bag only.

Final Verdict on Best Electric Guitar Case

Your personal needs will play a massive role in determining which bag is right for you. For example, Do you want to be able to carry your instrument on your back?

One thing is for sure, With the correct case or gig bag, you can be relaxed knowing that it’s going to sound just as good as it did when you last played it without worrying about the safety of your guitar.

Several cases feature straps that allow you to distribute the weight of your instrument more evenly, which is a better option when you want to save energy for shows. Everyone likes additional storage options in these carry bags like pockets and compartments for picks, strings, pedals, and more. Almost all storage options feature different compartments so that you can keep your accessories in an organized manner. There are other options also available in the market that are just for carrying your instrument, which is lighter in weight and less bulky.

To find the best electric guitar case, we have searched high and low through Amazon to find the best models available in the market in 2022. And finally, come up with the best few electric guitar cases which should suit everyone in terms of budget, functional requirements, and many other important factors.

Once you find the right case or gig bag, you will surely be happy and satisfied with your final choice. Hope this article will help you to choose the best case for your guitar.

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