Spaceman Gemini IV Review

Circuits made of blendable germanium and silicon provide access to virtually unlimited fuzz shadings and that is what is the Spaceman Gemini IV made of.

Spaceman Gemini IV contains two separate fuzz circuits operating in simultaneously. One pure germanium and one pure silicon, both amazing. A fuzz-tweaker’s dream, offering a well-thought-out control set for maximum tweakability, allowing for a tonne of fuzz creativity and inspiration.

The Spaceman Gemini IV is a revamped and extended version that is based on the infamous and no longer available Gemini III (about 2012), encased in a slightly larger container to accommodate the extra functions. With independent Filter settings and full Gain controls in place of switches, both fuzzes are now completely adjustable. The original tones and textures were reproduced by Spaceman, who also improved upon them.

The accessible tonal variants were distinctive, numerous, and essentially always musical and helpful. Even though the Gemini III was excellent, Spaceman’s latest iteration of the circuit, the Gemini IV, is more adaptable. The Gemini IV mainly broadens its tonal palette by giving each parallel fuzz circuit its own independent filter. Additionally, it replaces the Spaceman III’s three-position gain controls with more complex and adaptable gain knobs. Gemini IV is one of the most flexible and enjoyable fuzzes you can buy at any price because of the numerous colours that can be created as a result.

product review: Spaceman gemini IV


  • Silicium and Germaniun blendable
  • Filters very effective
  • Modern fuzz
  • Traditional fuzz tones
  • Two NOS AC128 transistors
Spaceman gemini IV
guitar pedal
guitar effect pedal


ModelGemini IV Dual Fuzz Generator
Year2019 – 2020
Made InUnited States
Pedal FormatStandard
  • Bellowing
  • Blendable
  • Efficient filtration
  • Superior construction.
  • Expensive


The Spaceman Gemini IV pays homage to avionics design from the 1950s and 1960s, just like every other Spaceman Pedal. However, despite their undeniable coolness, Spaceman’s visual themes also have the advantage of being useful, robust, and simple to read and use, much like an instrument panel on a spacecraft should be. However, Spaceman had to be resourceful to fit all the necessary circuitry. However, the result is stunning. (If you appreciate circuit board design, that is.) The circuit is divided into two meticulously hand-populated tier-by-tier through-hole boards, which are then fixed firmly to the chassis without being connected to the jacks or footswitches.

No detail is spared during the meticulous hand-soldering and creation of the Gemini IV in Portland, Oregon. Spaceman Gemini IV has the best mechanical footswitch currently available for true-bypass switching, and high-quality open-frame Switchcraft jacks transmit your tone. You’ll find an exceptional display of craftsmanship inside, including a flawlessly hand-soldered PCB, intricate military-spec wiring, and a specially designed heavy-duty battery connector for Spaceman. An extremely robust, engraved vinyl faceplate and jewel indicator light are mounted on top of the cast aluminium enclosure.

The germanium fuzz circuit, which is the smaller of the two boards, is home to two NOS AC128 transistors, including one with a very cool patina, suggesting it must sound pretty special to have been included among so many otherwise gleamingly new parts. There’s even room for a battery, which is situated just below the footswitch.

fine-tune your ideal tonality.

The germanium fuzz in the Spaceman Gemini IV has a wider dynamic range than a Tone Bender at both the high- and low-gain ends of the gain spectrum. At half-gain settings, where a vintage germanium fuzz would fail, the Spaceman offers punchy, focused, and rich fuzz colours akin to those of the Jordan Boss Tone or Maestro FZ-1. The fuzz tones on the silicon side are only marginally less intricate, showing some of the sparkle of a classic silicon Fuzz Face and the muscle of a triangle or ram’s head Big Muff.

For single-knob controls, the filter controls have a very good capacity to shape the tone. At Noon, which is a full pass tone, counter clockwise delivers a significant mid-scoop, excellent for bass, while clockwise rolls off highs. From delicate woolly tones to piercing aural annihilation, the separate Gain controls are very versatile. When you use the Si/Ge mix control in the pedal’s middle, the real fun starts. Here, you can mix the two fuzzes however you choose. Combine Filter settings in various ways as you blend the velcro assault of the germanium fuzz with the silky sustain of the silicon fuzz. However, the real magic lies in the blending and combining of these tones.

The Spaceman Effects filters are some of the best we’ve ever used because they add a level of frequency control that is truly shapeable. Depending on your needs, scoop the mids, roll off the highs, or fatten things up. The phase switch, which modifies how the fuzzes interact with one another, adds to this tone’s uniqueness. A dream for pedal enthusiasts.

other specialities of the spaceman gemini IV

At maximum gain and all-pass filter settings, mixtures of both fuzzes sound predictably enormous and complicated, and I have a feeling that many players will purchase the Spaceman Gemini IV only for this sound. But for me, the most interesting sounds were based on contrasts. While there are countless possible blends, all of which have a tendency to sound rich, complex, and quite different, my favourite tones involved 50/50 mixes of piercing, wide-open silicon sounds and hazy, half-gain, high-end filtered germanium tones. Using the filters or the phase switch, you can create more specialised rhythm sounds and stinging lead tones with cool low-end ballast using recipes like this.


The Spaceman Gemini IV’s best feature is its capacity to combine silicon fuzz, which lengthens the smooth sustain, with germanium fuzz, which is frequently used for its potent attack capabilities. This Si/Gemix dial has incredible sensitivity and can pick up some quite unusual tones. If you’re going for a particular sound, you can always turn the dial all the way in one direction or the other.

The sound and build quality of Spaceman pedals never cease to wow. By any builder’s standards, though, Spaceman Gemini IV’s selection of fuzz colours is outstanding. And given how useful it is, it’s simple to picture using the Gemini as your sole fuzz tool. It sounds rich and dynamic – with a huge variety of tones onboard – there really is nothing quite like it – so what are you all waiting for !

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