Special Cranker Overdrive

Special Cranker Overdrive Announced By Earthquaker Devices

An all-discrete analogue distortion enhancement device that adds more grit and boost without changing the tone too much.

The Speaker Cranker is replaced with the Special Cranker Overdrive. It has the same spongy, dynamic, and touch-sensitive character as the original, but with double the output volume (now with a user-friendly Level control), an added Tone control to shape your signal, and a diode selector switch that includes both the original asymmetrical Silicon diodes and a hot, new Germanium diode option.

When the More control is set to maximum, it transitions from nearly clean to a medium gain overdrive. Because this control alters the transistor’s bias, you may hear some noise when you spin it.

The gain characteristics are determined by the diodes used. The Special Cranker Overdrive gives a softer, more rounded response with tamed highs and lower output when the Germanium diodes are used, whereas the Silicon diodes add a brighter, more contemporary edge and higher output when the Silicon diodes are chosen.

Both are responsive to the dynamics of the game and provide a great level of clarity. When cranked clockwise, the Tone control cuts the highs and adds a tiny high frequency boost. The Level control increases the output from zero to nearly double at its highest setting.

Features of Special Cranker Overdrive:

  • Adds grit and boost to your signal without radically affecting your tone, while preserving all of your amplifier’s original nuances and character.
  • There are two separate clipping modes in special cranker overdrive, both of which are quite responsive to playing dynamics: Silicon and Germanium
  • Germanium mode produces a softer, more rounded response with less output and tamed highs.
  • Silicon mode produces a more contemporary, brighter response with higher output.
  • Depending on the output of your pickups, the Special Cranker can generate powerful overbiased tones at maximum gain.
  • Tone shape and clarity are enhanced by the flexible tone control, which gives the user complete control over the treble frequencies.
  • Signal route that is entirely analogue
  • Bypass with true bypass
  • Flexi-Switch Technology allows for silent relay-based switching.
  • Guaranteed for life
  • 15 mA current draw
  • 5 MΩ input impedance
  • Impedance of the output:<25 kΩ

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