SWIFF High-grade Wireless Digital Guitar System

SWIFF High-grade Wireless Guitar System – One Of The Best Digital Wireless Guitar System in 2022

SWIFF High-grade Wireless Guitar System – Overview

SWIFF High-Grade Wireless Guitar System is the latest addition to the world of electric guitar. The company from Maui, Hawaii has been in the business of manufacturing, designing and selling innovative products. SWIFF has incorporated the latest technology with its high quality performance and standard features.

It is easy to operate and comes with a very intuitive interface. The system is equipped with five volume controls, one tone control, five modes, and one “FOB” function. All these features make the system an excellent choice for the serious guitar player or the beginner.

SWIFF High-grade Wireless Guitar System – Battery

The rechargeable battery of SWIFF High-grade Wireless Digital Guitar System can be easily removed from the system with the click of a button. This feature helps you to transfer your favorite songs from a mobile phone to your system without disturbing others.

The rechargeable battery lasts for over five hours and can be fully charged within twenty minutes. This helps you have a lot of time to enjoy the performance and then go back to work or play other things without worrying about the battery being drained.

Before buying a battery operated electronic guitar system, you should check current price of the particular model you are going to buy. If you do not want to buy an expensive brand, you should check out on eBay and other auction websites. However, if you need an expensive model, you should consult the retailer and find out the retail price of the same model. You can also check out the online product reviews to know how other users feel about the product. You should also check out the specification and features of the product that you are planning to buy.

SWIFF High-grade Wireless Guitar System – Controls

The system has five inputs on it including the master volume, five tone controls, one foot-switch, two input jacks, and the SWIFF remote control. The SWIFF remote control allows the user to change and tweak the sound and tone of the instrument including the treble and bass notes. The system has an inbuilt error message LED and it displays the error code during operation.

The Master Volume, treble and bass tone controls can be fully independently set by the user by using the included cable, if any. The system also has a feature known as “promo mode”, which gives the user an opportunity to preview a preset chord sequence before starting.

The SWIFF High-grade Wireless Guitar System comes with a battery life of two hours and this can be extended to six hours by purchasing the optional rechargeable batteries. The optional rechargeable batteries are compatible with most of the guitars in the market including the Yamaha, Takamine, and Eddy recorders. It has a maximum output power of forty-five watts, which is great for recording purposes.

SWIFF High-grade Wireless Guitar System – Features

There is a feature in SWIFF High-grade Wireless Digital Guitar System called “live display” which allows the users to see the battery levels, the performance time, and the incoming call volume even when the system is not powered on. The amplifier of the SWIFF High- Grade Wireless Digital Guitar can be used as a signal processor which improves the signal quality.

There are a user-accessible battery charger and a power jack, which make it easier to use the system without the assistance of an amplifier. There is also a display screen which shows the battery level, performance time, and the incoming call volume during playback.

The system can be used without any interference, since there is only one transmitter per channel. This is possible because all the channels are output by a single transmitter and all the signal processing is done by the amplifier. (Also read why should you buy guitar amplifier). This means that the users can easily control each channel separately. Other popular features of this product include variable Speed Control (SRC), Lock Control (LCC), Light Switch (LSK), Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Output Volume Control (OVC). A SWIFF High-Grade Wireless Guitar System may get damaged if it is handled roughly, so one should handle it with care to avoid damaging it.

SWIFF High-grade Wireless Guitar System does not convince you, then you should know that it has two-ways inbuilt transmitters which allow it to be used as a Wireless Music System. SWIFF High-grade Wireless Guitar System uses a PLL technology for its main processing chip, enabling it to run at extremely fast speeds.

One feature it has is a complete Noise Reduction circuitry which controls the emission of low frequency noise to the output speaker. This way SWIFF High-grade Wireless Guitar System ensures that there is absolute silence during the playback or recording process. The two input jacks, one above and one below the fretboard, allow it to be operated as an acoustic/electric guitar with effective synchronization with other wireless devices.


Model NumberMorza/va490
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Included ComponentsMicro USB Charging Cable
  • Elegant Styling
  • Long Battery Life
  • No discernable lag
  • Easy to use
  • OKAY for Practice/Home Use. NOT for Recording/Live.
  • Hissing Noise many times
  • Some people would prefer cable over this

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