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The Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar Review – Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Yamaha F310 Overview

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar that will immediately captivate your mind and make you want to be a guitarist, look no further than the Yamaha F310. This is a great model that features quality construction and a variety of tones.

It doesn’t matter what you use your guitar for because it’s a great starter model. Many people start off playing electric guitars and then go back to acoustic guitars to get better tone. The Yamaha F310 will allow you to play both seamlessly.

Yamaha F310
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The Yamaha F310 has a nice sounding sound. There are so many great sounds available on this model that you will probably want a few. The bass is quite present without being overpowering and the overall tone of the guitar is very mellow. It has a warm tone that comes from using strings that are thicker than most models on the market.

The fret board on this model feels nice and responds well to touch. Playing the guitar feels comfortable as well. When you first receive your Yamaha F310, you might realize that it feels heavier than many other guitars in the same price range.

But once you play the guitar, you will see that it is not an issue at all. This heavy feeling is only present on some models but it is really not a big deal. There is plenty of balance in the body of the instrument.

One of the best parts about the F310 is how easy it is to handle. The hand-piece for playing the acoustic guitar is very simple to use. Once you master the techniques involved with using the fingerboard and chords, you should have no problem getting the hand into the right position for playing the guitar.

Many people who are just starting out find that learning the basic techniques is a bit too much to handle. With the Yamaha F310, it will be easy to get up to speed with playing the acoustic guitar without too much trouble.

Many reviews of the Yamaha F310 have been written regarding its sound quality. Many reviewers claim that the sound produced by the guitar is very clear and crisp. The guitars sound quality does vary with different recordings.

Some reviewers claim that the sound produced by the guitar has a very mellow sound that makes it perfect for listening to soft music. Other reviewers state that their guitars sound incredible during a live performance.

Some acoustic guitar enthusiasts are also very excited about the F310 because it is so lightweight. Many times, guitar players find that using a traditional guitar can be very cumbersome.

The F310 is well suited for those who are looking for a guitar that is light and that is easy to carry around. It weighs less than four pounds, which makes it easier for the student to handle it. For an avid acoustic guitar fan, this can be a great advantage when traveling or simply trying to store the guitar in a small space.

In addition to the Yamaha F310 review, many acoustic guitar enthusiasts are raving about the guitar’s durability and build quality. According to reviews, the guitar is made out of a solid piece of metal that is covered in a nice comfortable black finish.

This finish has been found to be extremely durable and does not easily chip or rust. Since the guitar is covered in black finish, it is extremely visible when it is in use.

Those interested in purchasing the Yamaha F310 can find out a lot of information on the internet about the guitar models available. Many people who own the F310, give positive reviews because they are satisfied with the way the guitar works and sounds.

Others give negative reviews because they are unhappy with the construction or wish they had gotten a different model. No matter which model you choose, it will surely be worth your money.

More Details About the Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar is a solid performer that’s easy to love. It has all the usual features of an acoustic guitar: it’s got a beautifully sculpted body, a thin neck, and a deep and rich tone. But the real star of this little guitar is its “Pro Tuner,” a feature that changes the pitch of the strings to great effect. 

Pitch Shifting: This amazing gadget lets you change the pitch of a string easily. Just press a button and it alters the pitch by 0.1 percent. There’s a range of modes available: One can shift by octave, half-tone or whole-tone. Amazing!

Dynamic Control: This allows you to vary the intensity and complexity of your guitar’s tone depending on what you are playing. Just press a button to increase or decrease the strength of the strings. And there’s also a variable ratio for the amount of power that goes into each string. Very impressive indeed.

Finger Picking: This feature allows you to play very simple and chords simply by using your fingers. You don’t need to use any additional equipment. Great for beginners.

Nylon String Technology: The strings used on the Yamaha F310 have been specially manufactured to allow the guitar to produce powerful and accurate tones. The nylon string’s tension is low, which preserves the notes.

Also, they are extremely light, which makes them easy to handle. In addition, nylon string guitars are known for their rich harmonicas. The F310’s nylon strings are also said to be very easy to maintain.

Sound Quality: The sound of the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar is another highlight. It has a deep and mellow tone that you will definitely love playing. Its clear and smooth tone is what music lovers want from a guitar. This guitar also has a distinct and distinctive sound.

Other features included in this Yamaha F310 guitar includes the F-holes which are designed in a way so that it will help the instrument to produce very clear tones. This is also the case with the tuners. The F-holes allow you to tweak the sound of the guitar. They are also equipped with a chrome-plated gold plate.

This one guitar has all the features that the professional guitarists need. Aside from being made to suit the different styles of music, it also has features that its competitors cannot match.

So, if you’re looking for an acoustic guitar that fits your budget and will also deliver quality sounds, then this model from Yamaha is something that you should consider.

This Yamaha has a body that is made of satin black fiberglass. It also has a satin black lacquer finish on its knobs and the strings. This finish gives it a classy look.

It also has a headstock that looks great and has an illuminated tuning pegs. This headstone is fully adjustable. It has pearl pickguards as well. The neck has been lightly sanded and is finished with a high-gloss birch neck. The saddle has been contoured to perfectly fit the player’s hands.

This guitar is also lightweight. It is just 2.1 pounds. Some players may find it a bit heavy to handle but it is very comfortable to play. Another thing that players might find annoying is the fact that it has two pickups. One for the main tone and another for the bridge pickup that is specially made to cater for vocal sounds.

There are only three action types in this guitar. It has a P Concert-action which is mild springy. It has an Eton-action which is hard with a firm grip. There are atails and a whammy bar.

There are many other features that this guitar has and players can get to know about them through the Yamaha website. There is also a Yamaha Musicians forum where owners of the Yamaha F310 can share their thoughts and ideas.

They also share about problems that they have encountered and what they would have done differently. So do not hesitate to visit the website and check it out. You will not be disappointed in the quality that you can get here.


  • UK’s best-selling acoustic guitar
  • Outstanding quality and value
  • Hand-finished construction
  • Select tonewoods for amazing sonic performance
  • Slightly shortened scale-length for ease of playing


Top Material TypeEngineered Wood
Body MaterialRosewood
Back Material TypeRosewood
Neck Material TypeNato Wood
Fretboard Material TypeRosewood
String Material TypeSteel
Hand OrientationRight
Guitar Bridge SystemHardtail Bridge
  • Perfect for beginners, the smaller string gap makes it much easier to learn to play
  • The neck is slightly shorter than usual with this type of guitar and slightly thinner which actually helps with chord changes
  • It’s well built and affordable price range
  • Delivery in perfect condition could be an issue so maybe request the seller additionally to make better packaging
  • Narrow neck could be an issue for people with thick fingers and big hands

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